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Reporter : Kim Jae-kyoung
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 14:12
Moon should pursue 'equivalent peace treaty'
Hopes for peace on the Korean Peninsula are running high ahead of the upcoming inter-Korea summit scheduled for Friday.
No rush to 'settle things' at inter-Korea summit
South Korean President Moon Jae-in should not rush to settle things at the upcoming summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to an international expert on the Korean Peninsula, Sunday.
Korea locked in employment paradox
South Korea has been trapped in a paradox of employment. Domestically, the more effort the government makes, the more difficult it is for young people to find decent jobs. In other words, President Moon Jae-in's job policies are limiting the creation of new, quality jobs in the private sector.
Germany offers clues to job breakthroughs
Unemployment has become President Moon Jae-in's biggest headache.
Seoul's handling of US think tank 'appalling'
In response to recent government comments, the US-Korea Institute (USKI) has strongly criticized the administration for its underhanded attempt to gain control over the Washington-based private think tank. In a statement sent to The Korea Times, Friday, Jae H. Ku, director of the USKI at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), said that the governme...
Korea urged to heal distrust between gov't, firms
Since taking office a year ago, President Moon Jae-in has made all-out efforts to create more jobs and rehabilitate the economy, but unfortunately to no avail. The unemployment rate hit a 17-year high in March, as companies have been reluctant to hire new employees and make fresh investments.
Seoul told US think tank to fire 2 officials
The government pressured the US-Korea Institute (USKI) to fire two top-ranking officials and follow operational guidelines seeking to take control of the Washington-based private think tank, a USKI source said, Wednesday. The source said that after the institute, well known for the website 38 North that specializes in Korean Peninsula issues, resisted the demand, the governme...
North Korea falling into financial crisis... hidden reason for peace overture?
North Korea is suffering a cash crunch due to international sanctions and could soon face a currency crisis, experts on the North said Tuesday. They said leader Kim Jong-un's recent visit to Beijing was aimed at seeking sanctions relief and easing cash drainage in the reclusive regime.
Why are Koreans becoming more unhappy?
Despite the remarkable economic achievements over the past decades, Koreans are becoming more dissatisfied with their lives.
More Koreans singing the blues
People in South Korea are becoming unhappier.This unhappiness is not isolated to any specific group but is pervasive throughout society.The younger generation here sees limited opportunities to achieve success; newlyweds can't afford to buy houses; those in their 40s and 50s are worried about compulsory redundancies; and a large portion of the elderly segment cannot afford th...
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