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Sat, June 3, 2023 | 06:57
Famed lawyer faces disbarment after failing to show up in court
The Korean Bar Association is considering disciplinary action against high-profile lawyer Kwon Gyeong-ae, who was in charge of a lawsuit over a teenager's death due to school bullying and lost the case because of her repeated failures to attend hearings.
Police request Chinese authorities' assistance in drug-laced drinks case
Police have requested the assistance of Chinese authorities in locating two individuals based in China suspected of masterminding the distribution of drinks laced with drugs to high school students in Seoul.
Independence fighter to be recognized as Korean national 100 years after death
South Korea will officially give honorary posthumous Korean nationality to Hwang Ki-hwan who died in New York a century ago after having taken part in Korea's independence movement from overseas against imperial Japan's 1910-45 colonial rule.
Authorities move fast to combat drug crimes targeting high school students
Education and law enforcement authorities are moving fast to develop countermeasures to cope with drug-related crimes targeting students. This follows a recent incident involving a ring of four individuals who allegedly distributed beverages laced with drugs to random high school students in Seoul.
Questions grow over disclosure of criminal suspects' photos
The police's disclosure of the identities of three suspects connected with last week's kidnapping and murder of a woman has once again stirred up controversy over the identity disclosure system of felony suspects.
President orders special disaster zone designations for 10 wildfire-hit areas
President Yoon Suk Yeol ordered government officials to designate 10 areas most affected by recent wildfires as special disaster zones, according to presidential spokesman Lee Do-woon, Wednesday. Special disaster zones are eligible for financial support from the government for disaster recovery work, while local residents are given tax benefits.
Adolescents with diverse backgrounds invited to Rainbow School for Korean education
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family invites adolescents with immigrant backgrounds including North Korean defectors and children of multicultural families to the Rainbow School offering Korean language and career education programs. The ministry said Wednesday that those aged between nine and 24 can apply for entrance.
Governors criticized for lax responses to wildfires
Gangwon Province Governor Kim Jin-tae and North Chungcheong Province Governor Kim Young-hwan have come under growing criticism, following revelations that the former played golf and the latter attended a drinking party while their respective regions were suffering wildfires.
3 suspects arrested in Gangnam cryptocurrency murder case
Three people were arrested on Monday in suspected connection with the recent murder of a 48-year-old woman who lived in Seoul's Gangnam District. Judge Yoo Chang-hoon at the Seoul Central District Court said the decision was made to grant warrants for their arrests “due to concerns they are flight risks or could try to destroy evidence.”
Old port in Busan transforms into World Expo site
Busan's historic North Port area is being transformed into an eco-friendly waterfront park for Busan citizens as well as a proposed World Expo 2030 site for tens of millions of expected visitors. Korea's second-largest city, which is aiming to host the mega event in 2030, believes that transforming the old port area into a totally new space with tourist attractions and cultur...
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