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Sat, September 23, 2023 | 06:51
279 caught for spreading disinformation on COVID-19 vaccines
Police have caught 279 people for spreading false information on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines both online and offline. The crackdown follows a government pledge to deal sternly with fake news that could undermine the country's antivirus efforts. 코로나바이러스 백신에 대한 허위조작정보를 온라인과 오프라인에 유포한 279명이 경찰에 붙잡혔다.
South Korea, US to stage smaller military exercise next week
South Korea and the United States will stage a major springtime combined military exercise starting next week in a scaled-back manner amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said Sunday. 한미 양국이 다음 주부터 코로나19 속에 전반기 연합군사훈련을 실시한다고 합동참모본부가 일요일 밝혔다.
Fire engulfs old Buddhist temple in southwestern region
A fire gutted the main hall of Naejang Temple, one of South Korea's oldest Buddhist temples, on Friday in a suspected arson attack, firefighting authorities said. 한국에서 가장 오래된 사찰 중 하나인 내장사 대웅전에서 금요일 방화로 의심되는 화재가 발생했다고 소방당국이 밝혔다.
Scandal-ridden Olympic short track champion applies for Chinese citizenship
Lim Hyo-jun, who won South Korea's first gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in short track speed skating, has applied for Chinese citizenship, a source close to the athlete said Saturday. 2018년 평창 동계올림픽에서 한국에 첫 금메달을 안겨준 쇼트트랙의 임효준 선수가 중국 국적을 신청했다고 이 선수의 측근이 토요일 밝혔다.
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Lady Gaga's dogs recovered safely after theft, shooting
Lady Gaga's two French bulldogs, which were stolen by thieves who shot and wounded their walker, were recovered unharmed Friday, Los Angeles police said. 반려견 산책 도우미(도그워커)에게 총을 쏴 다치게 한 도둑들이 훔쳐간 프렌치불독 2마리가 금요일 무사히 발견됐다고 LA경찰이 밝혔다.
Gov't to provide 'COVID-19 vaccine certificate'
People who have received COVID-19 vaccines can get a government-issued certificate confirming their vaccination status, according to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), Friday, the same day the nation started its vaccination program. 백신접종 프로그램이 시작된 금요일 질병관리청에 따르면 코로나19 백신을 접종한 사람들은 백신 접종을 확인하는 증명서를 발급받을 수 있다.
Korea announces innovative syringe method to increase vaccine doses
The health authorities here issued a new guideline to vaccination centers across the nation Saturday, asking medical staff to maximize the number of jabs per vaccine bottle by utilizing state-of-the-art syringes. 국내 보건당국은 토요일 전국 백신접종센터에 최신 주사기를 활용해 백신 1병당 접종 인원을 극대화해 줄 것을 의료진에 요청하는 새로운 지침을 발표했다.
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