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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Thu, March 23, 2023 | 10:34
CheongKwanJang tops global ginseng market for 10 straight years
Korea Ginseng Corporation's (KGC) representative red ginseng brand CheongKwanJang topped the global ginseng retail market sales, according to Euromonitor International. The market research firm's 2022 report showed the size of the global ginseng market reached $2.47 billion (3.12 trillion won) last year.
Asan Institute's honorary chairman meets with Henry Kissinger
Asan Institute for Policy Studies Honorary Chairman Chung Mong-joon met with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in New York, Thursday, exchanging views on issues on the Korean Peninsula and around the world. Kissinger said that South Korea and the United States must deal with the North Korean nuclear problem through solid cooperation.
Nongshim to launch cup noodle 3 times spicier than Shin Ramyun
Nongshim is introducing its new Shin Ramyun Zepeto Cup Noodle on the local metaverse platform Zepeto to reflect consumers' combined opinions on their favorite recipe, the country's top instant noodle maker said Thursday.
McDonald's Korea vows to improve customer experience further in 2023
McDonald's Korea held an in-house event to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year at its headquarters in Seoul, Wednesday. McDonald's Korea CEO Kim Ki-won vowed to continue her efforts to provide the best “Feel Good Moment” to customers along with her staff, partner firms and franchisees. Kim also had time to express her intentions for a strong start to 2023 with executiv...
Consumers criticize BBQ for raising workers' wages
Some customers are expressing reservations about Genesis BBQ's recent announcement it would increase the salaries of new employees this year by 33.5 percent, urging the fried chicken franchise instead to lower prices. “The company raised menu prices, saying it was due to increased raw material costs, and now it is raising its workers' wages. Let's be honest, it is making suck...
SPC vows to put safety first, regain public trust
SPC promised Wednesday to practice workplace safety management with the firm will to adopt changes and share a concrete vision in connection with a fatal accident that occurred due to negligence at its affiliate production facility in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, last October. After the accident, the company immediately reflected the results of safety inspections conducted ...
Korea's internet speed ranking falls to 34th: report
Korea's competitiveness in high-speed internet infrastructure, which used to be rated as one of the world's fastest just few years ago, was found to have fallen to 34th, according to recent data, Tuesday. Ookla's internet speed measuring site “Speedtest” said its data showed Korea's average high-speed internet downloading speed was recorded at 171.12 Mega bit per second (Mbps...
Yogiyo launches quick commerce service with GS Retail
Local online food delivery player Yogiyo launched a quick commerce service called “Yo-Convenience Store” in collaboration with GS Retail, the company said Tuesday. With the new delivery service, a customer can receive any item sold at GS25, GS Retail's convenience store brand, in the country within one hour.
E-commerce firms enter new businesses to ride out economic downturn
Local e-commerce firms such as Woowa Brothers, Kurly and Daangn Market are offering new products and services to secure new revenue streams amid the deepening economic downturn, according to company officials Monday.
Hyundai Motor decides to sell only EVs in Norway this year
Hyundai Motor has decided to sell only electric vehicles (EVs) in Norway this year, the company said Sunday. As global automobile markets have been rapidly reorganizing and are centering on electric cars, Korea's largest automaker is seeking to test its EV-only sales strategy in the Norwegian market.
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