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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Sun, December 4, 2022 | 11:50
Consumers frustrated by Lotte Confectionery ice cream recall
Consumers are voicing frustration at Lotte Confectionery for recalling its ice cream dessert, “Fanfare Sand Custard,” after the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) confirmed that the product contains bacteria, according to industry sources, Wednesday. The dessert was produced by Hanbo Confectionery and supplied to Lotte Confectionery.
Maeil Dairies opens Amazing Oat pop-up cafe in Seoul
Maeil Dairies opened the Cafe Amazing Oat last Saturday in Seoul, welcoming customers to experience the true taste and nutrition of oats, the company said Tuesday. The dairy firm is operating the pop-up cafe for a month until Nov. 6 in eastern Seoul's Seongsu-dong neighborhood, offering various beverages and desserts highlighting the Amazing Oat vegetarian-friendly drink bran...
Switching from cigarettes to glo shows positive long-term effects: BAT
Researchers from BAT Rothman unveiled new data Tuesday showing the positive long-term effects of switching completely from cigarettes to glo, BAT's tobacco heating product (THP). This is is the first yearlong study on glo to assess the impact of switching entirely from cigarettes to THPs for adult consumers in a real-world setting.
LG Electronics sells more guide robots to Japanese shopping mall
LG Electronics is stepping up its guide robot business expansion overseas by supplying those products to Japan's largest shopping mall, Aeon, the Korean company said Sunday. The multinational electronics company recently supplied two “LG CLOi GuideBot” to an Aeon store in Toki, Gifu Prefecture. Last month, it also sold guide robots to Aeon mall at Narita International Airport.
Retailers use popular corporate mascots to attract consumers
Retailers are using popular corporate brand mascots to attract consumers, most of whom got used to shopping online for more than two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to industry officials Sunday.
Galleria to open Five Guys burger diner
Galleria Department Store is launching Korea's very first Five Guys hamburger diner in Seoul as part of its efforts to expand its restaurant business as the country returns to normal from the two-year-long COVID-19 pandemic, the retailer said Thursday.
LGES launches new companies to boost battery ecosystem
LG Energy Solution has launched new in-house companies named KooRoo and AVEL to expand its battery business ecosystem, the company said Wednesday, as part of its plan to keep pace with industry developments. KooRoo and AVEL will begin operations later this month related to Battery as a Service (BaaS) and Energy as a Service (EaaS), respectively, starting this month.
Renault Korea inks wage pact without dispute for 1st time in 4 years
Renault Korea Motors has opened a new chapter in its operations since Stephane Deblaise took the helm of the Korean unit of the French carmaker in March. Deblaise's employee-friendly leadership style appears to be paying off by improving labor-management relations, according to company officials Tuesday. Renault Korea signed this year's wage bargaining agreement on Sept. 16 w...
NCSOFT offers industry's highest wages, benefits to new recruits
NCSOFT started its recruitment drive this year for new employees on Sept. 30, promising to offer the game industry's highest wages and benefits, according to company officials Tuesday. The game firm is widely known as a “dream company” among jobseekers as it has been paying high salaries to its employees so as to secure promising workers in the information technology (IT) fie...
Imported fruit prices skyrocket as US dollar soars
A 34-year-old office worker surnamed Kim was surprised to see how expensive bananas have become amid a series of news stories that the soaring U.S. dollar has sharply raised the prices of imported fruit. “I have been purchasing bananas once a week for many years, but I have never seen their price go so high as it is now. It makes me hesitate to grab one when I see how much it...
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