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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Fri, February 23, 2024 | 11:34
Starbucks, Twosome, Ediya pressed to lower prices amid falling coffee bean prices
Starbucks, Twosome Place and other coffee chains are facing growing pressure from consumers to cut their beverage prices as the falling costs of imported coffee beans make it less expensive to produce a cup of joe, according to industry officials, Friday.
Major K-pop agencies investigated for unfairness of excessive tie-in merch
The nation's antitrust agency has launched investigations into the alleged unfair trade practices of local entertainment companies as consumers complain about gimmick tie-in sales of K-pop groups' new albums and photo cards, according to industry officials, Friday.
Small business owners concerned about soaring electricity bills amid heat wave
A 41-year-old French restaurant owner surnamed Lee is afraid to see his upcoming electricity bill for July because he has had air conditioners running all day long over the past few weeks.
Paris Baguette ranks 37th in Entrepreneur magazine's Top Global Franchises
SPC Group's bakery brand Paris Baguette ranked 37th on American business magazine Entrepreneur's list of 2023 Top Global Franchises, the company said Thursday.
Consumers flock to indoor shopping malls to avoid heat
A 33-year-old housewife named Lee Eun-ji has been making frequent visits to a department store near her home in Incheon with her two children, not to shop, but to avoid the scorching heat. “I think this summer is the hottest one that I've ever experienced. I am afraid my children will suffer from heatstroke, so I only go to indoor places with air conditioning these days,” Lee...
Recent hotel buffet price hikes irk customers
A 33-year-old office worker surnamed Park enjoys dining at hotels with his family from time to time. But he will have to limit his number of visits as hotels have recently been raising the price significantly.
Kakao, SM launch joint venture in US
Kakao launched a joint venture with SM Entertainment in the United States to create business synergy in the growing global entertainment market, the two companies said Tuesday.
Companies rush to introduce spicier instant noodles
Local instant noodle makers are competing to introduce spicier products to attract young consumers who want to show off their tolerance for spiciness, according to company officials, Tuesday. Nongshim, the country's largest instant noodle firm, is continuing to expand its lineup of spicy products.
HD Hyundai Oilbank employees expand ESG campaigns
HD Hyundai Oilbank recently carried out a plastic upcycling campaign with its executives and staff members as part of the company's environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) activities, the refiner said Monday.
Homeplus offers up to 50% discounts on daily supplies, food items
Homeplus has begun the Summer Super Sale Homeple Run to offer up to 50 percent discounts on food items and daily necessities until Aug. 16, at the threshold of the summer holiday season, the company said Monday. It is an extension of the previous Homeple Run sale held to commemorate the company's 26th anniversary in March.
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