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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Sun, November 27, 2022 | 00:44
Shinsegae chief jubilant over his baseball team's Korean Series win
Shinsegae Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin celebrated the SSG Landers' victory in the 2022 Korean Series on social media, Wednesday. Chung is the owner of the professional baseball team. Chung posted a photo of SSG Landers players throwing him into the air after winning the championship at Incheon SSG Landers Field in the western port city on Tuesday. He also wrote a message sayi...
Frozen pizza threatens franchise businesses
Local pizza restaurant franchises are aiming for a breakthrough in their declining businesses, which have been impacted by the increasing popularity of frozen pizza. As the trend of seeking a healthy lifestyle spreads across the country and the number of one-person households increases here, the demand for large pizzas made by popular franchise firms has been decreasing.
Online shopping malls close amid pandemic ebb, downturn
Many online shopping malls, which sprung up earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, are closing down as more people go back to offline stores and cut their online spending amid the economic downturn, the latest data showed Thursday.
QM6 gains popularity for comfort, quietness
Renault Korea Motors' SUV, the QM6, is beloved by many motorists for its comfort and quietness, as the vehicle boasts a spacious interior and offers a relaxed ride, according to company officials, Thursday. Recently, SUVs running on gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have gained more popularity than those running on diesel. According to the Korea Automobile Manufactur...
KEPCO develops core offshore wind power energy transmission technology
The Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) has been developing core technology for large-scale offshore wind power energy transmission in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality. The production of renewable energy produced from wind and solar power is strongly affected by constantly changing weather conditions and requires smart and highly efficient electrical grids that can...
Measuring ESG activities is first step for businesses to improve sustainability
Strange things have already started happening. While record-breaking heatwaves and wildfires ravaged Spain, torrential rains and flooding submerged one-third of Pakistan. The rise in sea surface temperatures makes the timing and trajectory of typhoons unpredictable, catching many production facilities off guard and leaving behind unexpected damages. Economic losses sustained ...
Lotte joins hands with Ocado to become top online grocery store
Lotte Shopping has signed a partnership contract with British-based global retail tech company, Ocado, to become a top online grocery mall here, the company said Tuesday. The company will invest 1 trillion won ($705.06 million) in “smart logistics” specializing in fresh food by 2030 to take a lead in the domestic online grocery market that is valued at about 135 trillion won....
Consumers buy necessities together to cope with soaring prices
A 33-year-old housewife surnamed Choi has recently begun shopping for fresh food and other daily necessities together with her neighbors on Danggeun Market, the country's largest online flea market, to cope with soaring prices. “We buy meat, veggies and fruit together in large quantities and share them. This way, we pay less and have just the right amount for three to four da...
Photo of Shinsegae vice chairman vaping sparks controversy
Shinsegae Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin is under criticism for uploading a picture of himself blowing out smoke at a golf course on social media on Oct. 24. Followers of his Instagram account suspected he was smoking even though Chung left the words, “smoking (x),” “wind checking (o).” There is no law against posting a picture of someone smoking on social media here, but local...
CJ Group chief calls on affiliates to draw up growth plans for 2023-2025
CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-hyun met with the CEOs of company affiliates three days after a group-wide personnel reshuffle, asking them to draw up growth strategies, the company said Friday. The gathering was held at CJ Human Resource Center in downtown Seoul, inviting CEOs of major affiliates and top executives from CJ Holdings.
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