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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 10:03
HiteJinro caught illegally replacing soju bottle labels
HiteJinro, a major soju and beer producer, was found to have replaced labels on its soju bottles to mislead consumers, according to industry officials, Wednesday.Bottles of its Jinro Soju brand, with an average alcohol content of 16.5 percent, were found to bear labels claiming they were its Zero Sugar brand, which is newer and more popular, with an alcohol content of 16 perc...
LG CNS launches mobile crowd research service
LG CNS has launched a crowd research community platform called Quinoa, the company said Wednesday. Anyone can easily create, check and share surveys on mobile devices with Quinoa and the information is accessible to all customers, from those who want to get people's opinions on general daily questions to corporate managers who want to find new business insights.
BAT Rothmans releases glo Hyper X2
Global tobacco company BAT Rothmans introduced the glo Hyper X2, a new heat-not-burn (hnb) device, to compete against KT&G's lil and Philip Morris' IQOS products, the company said Wednesday. It has been nearly a year and a half since the firm first introduced glo Pro Slim in Korea in October 2021.
Nongshim's heavy dependence on Shin Ramyun raises concerns
Concerns are growing over Nongshim's growing reliance on sales of instant noodles - especially its all-time bestselling Shin Ramyun, which accounts 40 percent of the company's overall instant noodle sales - according to industry officials Monday. The company has strengthened its overseas business to continue its growth, but there has not been noticeable progress in other busi...
Samsung, KAIST to nurture robotics experts
Samsung Electronics and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) signed an agreement to establish the Samsung Electronics Robotics Talent Training Program at the school's main campus in Daejeon on Monday. The program aims to foster professionals to lead research and development in the local robotics industry.
Chanel loses appeal among Korean consumers due to steep price hikes
A 32-year-old housewife surnamed Park was surprised that there wasn't a long line to enter Chanel's boutique when she visited a department store in Seoul last week. It was not a scene she was used to, with people normally waiting for up to six or seven hours just to enter the store.
Consumers complain about series of price hikes by hamburger franchises
A 34 year-old office worker surnamed Jang says that hamburgers are his favorite food and expressed his frustration over how often fast food franchises have raised the prices of their menu items recently.
Oasis to become first e-commerce firm listed on Kosdaq
Oasis Market will become the first e-commerce firm to be listed on the Korean stock exchange on Feb. 23 - going ahead of all the other top players in the market that have postponed their initial public offerings (IPOs) due to the sluggish economy.
Philip Morris seeks to surpass KT&G in e-cigarette market
Philip Morris Korea introduced its latest heat-not-burn (hnb) product IQOS ILUMA ONE, Wednesday, as part of its efforts to surpass KT&G and reclaim its No. 1 spot in the growing e-cigarette market. IQOS ILUMA ONE is the latest smoke-free device unveiled by Philip Morris in three months after the introduction of IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA PRIME models last October.
SM6 Feel attracts customers with popular options, low price
Renault Korea Motors' SM6 series Feel sedan is gaining popularity in the domestic market as a stylish yet cost-effective option. Prior to the model's launch, the carmaker surveyed which options consumers really want and need when buying a car. The SM6 Feel adopts the trim of its previous model, the SM6 SE, as well as the SM6 LE.