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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Thu, March 23, 2023 | 09:49
Dongwon F&B to lead zero calorie beverage market
Dongwon F&B has recently launched a zero calorie ion drink called Transparent Ion, followed by the introduction of Boseong Black Ice Tea Zero last June. The company is expanding its product line as part of its efforts to target the fast-growing zero-calorie beverage market here.
Only 16 Korean companies listed in Fortune Global 500
It appears that South Korea is less competitive than many advanced countries based on the number of its major global companies, their sales and the variety of industries. According to an analysis released by the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) on Thursday, only 16 local firms (3.2 percent) have been included in the world's top 500 companies.
Coway's new 'Mine' massage chair to make splash
Local home appliance maker Coway's new massage chair “Mine” is leading the way here with its compact size and innovative technology, the company said Wednesday. The company designed the Mine to be more compact, taking into account new insights about consumer reluctance to purchase large-sized massage chairs, which currently prevail in the local market.
Nongshim sells over 16 million packs of new instant noodles in 100 days
The country's largest instant noodle maker, Nongshim, has sold over 16 million packs of its new instant noodles, “Ramyun King Kim Tong Kkae,” in just 100 days since its launch in August. The noodles are the most-sold new product released this year, the company said, Wednesday. The secret to Ramyun King Kim Tong Kkae's popularity is its distinct savory flavor. The instant nood...
Braving bad weather, delivery drivers take risks to earn more
A 31-year-old delivery worker surnamed Kang made more than 300,000 won ($232) in just seven hours delivering food last weekend, when temperatures dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius, while many other drivers decided to stay home. “I was paid three to four times more than usual as restaurants fell short of delivery workers in such cold weather. It was also snowing a lot, so th...
SPC offers 'Snow Wishing Tree' cake
Paris Baguette's “Snow Wishing Tree” cake, advertised in this image, is decorated with vanilla cream, strawberry compote and whipped cream. SPC, operator of the country's largest bakery chain, provided the picture to celebrate Christmas Day this Sunday
Han Sung Motor fulfills social responsibility through art
Mercedes-Benz Korea official dealer Han Sung Motor made a donation again this year to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. The company donated 30 million won ($23,094) recently and contributed necessities to sick children suffering from childhood cancer, leukemia and rare incurable diseases. The charity event was held to help prevent young patients and their families ...
LS C&S expands business with LS materials
LS Cable & System (LS C&S) is stepping up efforts to expand its new business with its affiliate LS Materials, the company said Monday. LS Materials is a company specializing in ultracapacitors that began research and development at LS C&S in 2002. An ultracapacitor is a special industrial battery that has the advantages of fast charging and discharging as well as a long life ...
Presenting Royal Salute whiskey's 30-year-old edition in Seoul
Pernod Ricard Korea CEO Frantz Hotton talks about the new trend and growth of high-end whiskey at a press conference introducing Royal Salute's 30-year-old edition at Maison LeCercle Lounge in Gangnam, Seoul, on Nov. 24. Courtesy of Pernod Ricard Korea
Korean food firms seek to expand business in Middle East
Football is not the only boom in Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries. Korean food is captivating the taste buds of many locals as the popularity of Korean culture spreads in the region, according to food industry officials.