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Reporter : Kim Jae-heun
Thu, March 23, 2023 | 10:40
Retailers go all out to embrace Gen Z
Local retailers are making various efforts to win the hearts of Generation Z consumers, or people born from 1997 onward, according to company officials Sunday. The companies seek to refocus their marketing strategies to target the group, which is leading the latest consumer trends. Many retailers, such as GS Retail and Lotte Mart, are seeking collaborations with university st...
Samyang Foods to expand overseas business
Samyang Foods will establish new departments dedicated to overseas sales and logistics to strengthen its global business in 2023, as part of its goal to become a top 100 food firm in the world. The company shared its medium and long-term vision at its business management conference held at its headquarters in Seoul, Wednesday.
Food firms introduce more products for seniors
Local food companies are introducing more products that are easy to chew and digest for elderly consumers amid the rapidly aging population and falling birthrate, according to industry officials Thursday. Lotte Confectionery, which closed its baby food business in October, plans to enter the senior-friendly food sector.
Luxury brands expand range of children's products in Korea
The children-focused products of international luxury brands such as Burberry, Moncler and Dior are enjoying growing popularity, as parents here are opening their wallets without hesitation for their children, according to industry officials Wednesday.
Eased regulations on major retail stores to intensify competition with e-commerce firms
As Daegu Metropolitan City announced its plan to allow major retail stores to stay open on weekends, the city governments of Daejeon and Gwangju also began reviewing the possibility of adopting the same policy. The government is also positively discussing ways to allow the stores to continue overnight delivery services on a daily basis including Sundays.
Korea starts operation of first autonomous buses
The country's first self-driving buses will start operating on a 22.4-kilometer route between Sejong Intercity Bus Terminal and Osong Station in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said Tuesday.
Hanwha, Doosan launch wine biz to compete with Shinsegae, Lotte
Hanwha and Doosan have recently launched their own wine businesses to compete with local retail giants. Doosan opened a large-scale wine bar called Tap Shop Bar at its Doota Mall in Dongdaemun, central Seoul, on Dec. 16. Customers can try various wines at the store and buy bottles of wine. Doosan said it wants to ride on the popularity of the wine-consuming trend among young ...
Insanga CEO selected for Proud Small Business Owner title
The CEO of Insanga, a local company manufacturing bamboo salts and health functional foods, was selected as a Proud Small Business Owner in the fourth quarter of this year by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and the Korea Federation of SMEs, Sunday.
Woowa Brothers to root out malicious reviews
Woowa Brothers, operator of the country's largest food delivery platform Baedal Minjok (Baemin), has adopted a new review management policy based on the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) newly enacted international covenant on online consumer reviews (ISO20488), according to company officials Friday.
Lotte busy holding charity events at year's end
Lotte is busy holding various charity events at the end of the year under the social contribution slogan, “Heart to Heart.” Lotte will collaborate with the Korean Salvation Army Korea Territory to launch a “Heart Temperature 37 degrees” campaign to help underprivileged children stay warm this winter. The campaign is a year-end charity event the two groups have held since 2016...
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