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Sun, November 27, 2022 | 00:45
[Cityscapes] Peeling back Banpo's layers
Many readers reacted to my previous article, on Korea's ugly apartment complex names, by pointing out that the apartment buildings themselves tend to be a blight on the landscape. They're not wrong, but this point is more of a conversation starter than a real hot take. And so I've been paying more attention to the south side of the river hoping to find beauty in the dull, rep...
Gwangju-based Irish singer-songwriter goes 'Burgundy' in debut album
Working under the moniker “sanchez.” since 2020, the Gwangju-based singer-songwriter has been releasing music in mostly the vein of indie folk, releasing standalones his first year then moving into more serious territory with a debut EP last year. With the release of “Knock Them Down” on Jan. 5 along with the follow-up single “Bethlehem” out today, the artist has announced “B...
Punk label releases 3rd 'Them & Us' compilation
Eleven Korean punk bands perform 22 songs, one an original song and the other a famous cover. That's the jist of the “Them & Us” compilation series put out by DIY punk label World Domination, Inc. (WDI).
Korea-Denmark dance performance 'Collective Behaviour' goes through the looking-glass
Humans surround ourselves with various types of images in every stage of our lives. Often we mirror the images we see in our own behaviors and beliefs, and sometimes the images stare back. A unique dance performance developed through intercontinental collaboration between Denmark and Korea will gaze into the mirror for four shows next week.
[Temple Adventures] Bulguk Temple and the 2 lives of Kim Daeseong
If ever there's a Korean Buddhist temple you could or would want to impress people with by showing them it, whether it's friends or family, it would be Bulguk Temple in Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province. Not only is Bulguk Temple home to seven National Treasures and six additional Korean Treasures, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of this, the temple is often...
Vineworks pairs wine with people
Vineworks pairs wine with people. An interactive wine tasting and food community in the heart of western Seoul's Hapjeong-dong area, it provides events and casual drop-ins for wine enthusiasts and beginners alike.
10 Korean indie singles to remember 2021
While 2021 has not amounted to the turnaround year many expected it to be, amidst the doom and gloom of this relentless pandemic there have surely been some great things going on. The releases from the indie scene in Korea is one very notable positive to take out of 2021, and below is a selection of great tunes released this year that you might have missed.
Celebrating Christmas in Korea in 2021
Christmas is almost upon us, even if it doesn't feel as festive this year. As events are being canceled or modified to comply with stricter gathering rules and group events are discouraged, it is getting harder to celebrate the holiday season. But there are still ways to capture the festive atmosphere and get in the Christmas mood.
French photographer visits same mountain 100 times
French photographer Romain found inspiration high up the slope of Mount Samseong, a 481-meter mountain standing in southwestern Seoul and Anyang, Gyeonggi Province. His muse? Two pine trees growing out of a rocky cliff, viewable from a vantage point about 20 meters off a not very well traveled path.
[RAS Korea] RAS Korea digitizes art historian Jon Carter Covell's 2,000 photos
Before there was a “K” anything, Dr. Jon Carter Covell was Korea's biggest “K-fan.” Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea has digitized her massive collection of more than 2,000 color slides, taken from the late 1970s to mid-1980s. So far, the project has been ongoing for almost one full year, thanks to Ms. Pak Ji-young volunteering to do the work by coming in one day a week. The...
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