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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 20:02
Where to go for mental health services if you can't speak Korean
Mental health is important in times like this. But for foreign nationals in Korea who might not speak Korean or don't have the financial resources to pay for regular counseling, seeking help can be difficult, frustrating and even feel impossible. However, there are counseling services and support groups available, some of which are free.
[RAS Korea] James Scarth Gale: Literary Giant, Steadfast Missionary Educator
Korean historians have not been kind to the Rev. Dr. James Scarth Gale (1863-1937). Some have either ignorantly or deliberately misinterpreted or mistranslated Gale's writings. Such is true especially regarding the Japanese takeover of the Korean Empire in 1905-10. These same Korean historians had a clear agenda. They wanted all Western missionaries in Korea to be overtly ant...
Among the survivors in Itaewon's disaster zone
When I first heard what was going on in Itaewon on Saturday night, I didn't know what to believe. Someone showed me a video of emergency workers performing CPR on a row of nearly naked young women lying in the street, while the party seemed to be continuing in the background, and I didn't think it could be real.
Where to celebrate Halloween in Korea
Halloween is no longer a holiday celebrated primarily by foreign nationals in Korea. Decorations go up all over the place, including at convenience stores, traditional markets and medical clinics. That said, an adult wearing a costume will probably still look out of place in most parts of the country outside of three big areas for nightlife in Seoul - Hongdae, Itaewon and Gan...
Reggae recordings made in Korea released in Denmark
Danish reggae singer Philip K left Korea five years ago, but he has finally released a new album with many songs recorded while still living here. In August this year, he released the 11-song album, “Blood in the Sand.”
Foreign festival delights City of Light
Wrapping up Gwangju International Week and overlapping with the beginning of the city's representative Chungjang Festival, the weekend of Oct. 15 and 16 saw Gwangju International Day, one of its most popular celebrations for foreign residents, stretch into a full weekend of food and fun.
HBC Festival celebrates belated 15th anniversary
Hae Bang Chon (HBC) Music Festival could have marked its 15th year earlier, but we all know what got in the way for the last couple years. Lance Reegan-Diehl, who cofounded HBC Fest in 2006 with Jim Gaynor, came out of the woodwork last month to announce the resumption of the biannual festival, which had its most recent run in October 2019.
Cities meet in Gwangju to discuss climate crisis, human rights
The sun broke through the clouds to shine on the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju on the afternoon of Oct. 10, putting an end to a chilly rain that had threatened to darken the mood at the 12th World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF). The grim theme of “Climate Crisis and Human Rights,” combined with dark suits and jetlag, could have demoralized any crowd. Instead, the...
Californian musician brings dream of Estonia to Korea
Like many readers of this newspaper, Jeremy Macachor moved away from the country of his birth and established a new life in a distant land. For him, that land was Estonia. Macachor, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from California who releases music under the name, Macajey, admitted that people are often surprised he would move from California all the way to easter...
How to shoot Seoul Fashion Week
Shooting street fashion at Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) is one of the most enlightening and liberating experiences a photographer can have. It's also quite easy to do, and at the same time it's really easy to mistake certain small things and miss the opportunity to get some legendary work done.
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