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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 10:41
Peace Corps volunteers astounded by Korea's development, hospitality during Revisit program
A group of about 50 Peace Corps volunteers including their spouses and children enjoyed a week in Korea, revisiting the land they had lived in decades earlier on the invitation of Korea Foundation (KF).
DJ Neil Armstrong returns to Korea
U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969. And now, over 50 years later, DJ Neil Armstrong is ready to land in Korea.
Itaewon's community copes as Halloween weekend passes without incident
'Last year, where were you?' a foreign man asked two police officers deployed to central Seoul's Itaewon as part of crowd control measures a year after a deadly crowd disaster here claimed 159 lives.
Dutch YouTuber aims to explore all 467 of Seoul's neighborhoods
Bart van Genugten wants to visit every neighborhood of Seoul. The city has 467 administrative divisions, known as 'dong,' in Korean, and the Dutch national has already checked a decent number off his list, in his YouTube video series, 'Welcome to My Dong.'
[PHOTOS] Halloween weekend begins in Itaewon
A barrier divides the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel in central Seoul's Itaewon, Oct. 27, as part of crowd control measures for Halloween weekend. Korea Times photo by Jon DunbarOnly a few people can be seen wearing Halloween costumes in Itaewon on Friday, ahead of the one-year anniversary of a crowd disaster that took 159 lives nearby. Korea Times photo by Jon DunbarThe cro...
HBC's Studio ready for Halloween
Talk of celebrating Halloween this year seems to be taboo or at least uncomfortable among most people in Korea, but a few are pushing on.
Lance Reegan-Diehl continues musical journey in 'Maniacal Cavern'
Lance Reegan-Diehl, who often goes by the initials LRD, set a high bar for expat musicians in Korea, decades ago. But rather than towering over those who have filled out the music scene after him, he’s helped lift people up through his numerous collaborative projects, from making music together on stage to hosting one of Seoul’s longest-running festivals. Although, it is unli...
Peace Corps volunteers of decades past return to Korea for Revisit program
Dozens of Americans are returning to Korea this month, decades after they first came here to do volunteer work with the Peace Corps. Around 50 participants including Peace Corps Korea volunteers and their family members will be here for the Peace Corps Revisit program, organized by the Korea Foundation with funds from the National Assembly.
What will happen in Itaewon this Halloween?
Halloween 2023 is approaching, and people across the country - especially foreign nationals - who remember the events of last year are wondering what will happen on the anniversary of that tragic night.
Block Party music fest energizes Seoul's HBC-Gyeongnidan community
Jamie Finn, chief editor of Platform Magazine and organizer of Block Party, center, helps out at the ticket counter on the roof of KLYDN in central Seoul's Gyeongnidan neighborhood, Oct. 7. Korea Times photo by Jon DunbarOver 100 acts play 10 venues in Itaewon, HBC over 2 daysPro Wrestling Society pro wrestlers Duncan Solaire, left, and Shiho the Red Fox grapple inside Rabbit...
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