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Fri, February 23, 2024 | 12:59
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 9] Reading a poem about death in the woods
If you think the “Mama Universe” stuff I mentioned in the last column sounds like the ramblings of a California 'psychonaut' ... you're right! I got the idea from Duncan Trussell.
Inside Saemangeum's World Scout Jamboree fiasco
Parents from more than 150 countries who sent their teenage children to Korea for the World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) are now wondering whether they misplaced their trust in the country, with its troubled safety record.
[RAS Korea] Oldest Korean studies group hits 1,500 lectures and counting
Over its 123-year history, Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea has sponsored almost 1,500 lectures, with only a few interruptions due to wars. James Scarth Gale, Homer B. Hulbert and George Heber Jones gave the first lectures in 1900. Lectures have continued since. Topics have been wide-ranging, from history, politics, economics, art, music, anthropology, archaeology and sociol...
[RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK] Plant Cafe & Kitchen offers innovative vegan menu
Plant Cafe & Kitchen is a pioneer in Seoul's burgeoning vegan dining scene. Founder Mipa Lee launched her business in central Seoul's Itaewon before opening a second location in Hongdae's popular Yeonnam-dong. Plant is on a mission to make the plant-based lifestyle simple and tasty.
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 7] Healing perfectionism on Pyoseon Beach
From 2018 to 2022, I ran a New Year's resolutions group on Facebook. Each year, members attempted to complete at least 70 percent of our goals, often using an app to track productivity. These are some of my stats:
[LIFE'S OLLE TRAILS 8] Confronting OCD in Woljeong-ri
By June 2022, I had just a few Olle Trails stamps left to collect. In true perfectionist fashion, I was adamant about completing my passport on June 18 - my first anniversary of starting the trails. In order to achieve that, I had to hike every Sunday.
Say Sue Me brings Korean indie rock to Chicago
Busan band Say Sue Me brought their unique brand of shoegazy surf rock (surfgaze?) back to Chicago on July 20. It was the second-to-last stop on their seven-city North American tour, the night after playing K-Indie Music Night in New York with Crying Nut.
Korean, Canadian artists, scientists explore concept of time
“The Blind Watchmaker” artistic project began with a thought-provoking hybrid event that merged the realms of digital art, science and philosophy at the Youth Art Administration in central Seoul's Chungjeongno, July 16. The collaborative project involving Korean and Canadian artists and scientists revolved around the enigmatic concept of time, exploring its depth, significanc...
Cambodians in Korea demonstrate against election at home
Cambodians in Korea held a protest against the national election in their home country in front of Bosingak belfry in downtown Seoul, Sunday. They voiced their objections to the election, which they said was illegitimately run by the country's dictatorial leadership.
Comic book legend Bob Layton comes to Korea
Renowned comic book artist, writer and editor Bob Layton is coming to Korea for a month-long visit to meet fans all across the country.