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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 20:24
BIPOC drag artists to celebrate Juneteenth in Seoul
Drag and queer culture is deeply rooted in African American communities, and although many people do not know this, Black queer and trans people have led the charge for gay rights since the beginning, according to Sh'Needza Woman, a drag performer based in Seoul.
French rock band brings renegade sound to Korea
For anyone who listens to live music, it's been a long couple of years during the pandemic, with prohibitive, costly, sometimes irrational restrictions on concerts, and no international bands touring to Korea.
[Temple Adventures] Gyeongju's Mount Nam holds many treasures
The city of Gyeongju in North Gyeongsang Province is filled with some of Korea's most precious historical treasures including Bulguk Temple, Seokguram Hermitage, Wolji Pond and the Gyeongju National Museum. So it makes some sense as to why Mount Nam, which is the true reason why Gyeongju is considered an outdoor museum, is often overshadowed by the more easily accessible and ...
[RAS Korea] RAS Korea celebrates 122nd anniversary
The world's oldest Korean studies organization, Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea, welcomes everyone to celebrate its 122nd birthday at the RAS Korea office on June 11. This year is a grand reopening, and for the first time in decades, our annual summer event is open to the public, members, friends alike and newcomers. And best of all, free of charge.
Migrant artists call for fair treatment
Korean artists are set to benefit from a new law that will protect their rights after it goes into effect in September. But many artists are concerned that the language in the enforcement decree of the Act on the Guarantee of the Status and Rights of Artists (AGSRA) may leave out many artists in Korea - those of foreign nationality.
Camarata conductor, Studio HBC promoter wants everyone to sing
On Friday he's running a basement show with punk and hardcore bands in Seoul's Haebangchon area, and on Saturday he's putting on a tailcoat to conduct a choir and orchestra performing Mozart's Requiem & Symphony 41. That's just how Ryan Goessl rolls.
Multinational hardcore band 'gets to the point'
When everyone started taking their masks off at the show, the members of Seoul hardcore punk band Get to the Point called it: “I'm pretty sure we're all getting COVID after this,” they said while on stage.
Gwangju Philippine community comes together for Filipino Day
There's excitement in the crisp morning air at Woljeon Park. On the far west side of Gwangju, just north of the end of the subway line, this small tree-lined park is an oasis in a desert of industrial parks.
Daegu scene has its 'Big Day South'
After skipping a year during the pandemic and coming back in 2021 in a limited capacity, Big Day South is back in full force. The somewhat nomadic arts and music festival is being held this year once again in Daegu, from Friday to Saturday. “People are pretty excited to be back to standing shows, and ready to dance,” Philip Brett, festival operator, told The Korea Times.
The Collective brings 'Bootycandy' to Korea
Expat theater group The Collective is hitting the stage again this weekend and next, presenting its latest production, “Bootycandy” by U.S. playwright Robert O'Hara. “Bootycandy” is a satirical take on growing up gay and Black, presented in a complex narrative of scenes, sermons, sketches and daring meta-theatrics.