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Fri, July 1, 2022 | 01:31
Foreign Line
Jeju Afrobeat band Omar and the Eastern Power transcends boundaries
Omar Benassila doesn't care much for boundaries, either in music or nations. If he did, he might not have left his home country of Morocco and settled in Korea, where he started Omar and the Eastern Power. It's an ever-evolving four-piece band most simply described as Afrobeat, with influences from dub, funk, folk and sufi music among others. It's an accumulation of the life ...
Foreigner-owned businesses facing shutdown due to visa rule change
Many foreign business owners are facing an abrupt end to their entrepreneurial careers, as sudden changes in how immigration offices are handling the F-2-7 visa are causing chaos. Foreign business owners have been getting turned away at immigration offices when going in to renew their F-2-7 visas. Some have reported being told that they never should have been allowed to regis...
Foreign Line
David A. Mason, a professor of cultural tourism at Sejong University and a researcher on the religious characteristics of Korea's mountains, will give a presentation titled, “Four Golden Ages: A Study of Korean History and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites,” next week for the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea on the four eras he defines as Korea's golden ages. Mason argues that Korea has enjoyed four golden ages, characterized by strength, prosperity and the creation of cultural treasures. The previous ages lasted a couple of centuries, and in between them were dark ages of large-scale su...
Foreign line
Maria Osetrova, a researcher from the Center for Korean Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, will give a talk in Seoul National University's Anthropology Department through Zoom, and members of the public are welcome to tune in for free. She will look at how Korean cuisine has developed in separate directions since the division of the Korean Peninsula over 70 years ago, with the South referring to its food as, “hansik,” while the North uses the term, “Joseon ryori.” The talk will be held in English starting at 5:30 p.m. KST on April 14. Visit and find the events calendar on ...
Daejeon Arts Collective returns to in-person exhibit
The Daejeon Arts Collective (DJAC) is opening its new exhibit, titled, “Semblance of Dreams,” on April 15, for five days at the Daejeon Gallery. The event will showcase 16 of Daejeon's international and domestic artists sharing their photography, paintings, pottery, upcycled wooden pieces and sound art.
[RAS Korea] Ondol: Korea's unique floor heating
When asked about what living in Korea might be like, one of the first answers is always: the warm floors. Korea's living spaces are not cluttered with radiators, common in the United States and other parts of the Western world well into the 20th century, and are still used today in many places. In the old days, the place of honor in the room was right at the “hot spot,” close...
Young singer RAAI releases debut album for 9th birthday
2020 was a hard year for RAAI, the eight-year-old son of Korean-Japanese couple, Itta and Marqido, who make up the transnational ambient band TENGGER. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted his family, his education and almost every aspect of life. But as his ninth birthday approaches on May 10, RAAI is getting ready to release his first album.
[Korea Encounters] Hoaxster James 'Swim' takes readers to 'places the RAS dare not go'
On May 4, 1974, the author of The Korea Times' “Scouting the City” column, Alf Racketts, wrote that, “the local spring tour season is in full swing,” and offered a list of upcoming “picnics disguised as cultural tours” that were to take advantage of the pleasant spring weather.
Camarata Music turns to donations to survive pandemic
After Camarata Music has given so much to the local community, now it needs community support to continue its existence and survive the pandemic. The nonprofit music organization, which operates several music groups including choirs, musical theater and a chamber orchestra, has been hit hard by the pandemic, so Jamie Wheatley launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to he...
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