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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 19:52
[Songdo Stories] Songdo cleaning lady learns English
I went to work earlier than usual and turned on “anti-slack” in my gym. Then, after having an early lunch, I came back. The lady in charge of cleaning the building welcomed me. She was cleaning the second floor where the taekwondo gym is located. Our building's cleaning lady, Oh Hye-jeong, has such a nice personality!
Canadian YouTuber takes viewers on brewing adventures in Korea
Kevin Grabb doesn't remember the first time he tried makgeolli, that milky fermented Korean alcoholic drink, which maybe isn't surprising, considering how much energy he puts into making, promoting and ― of course ― drinking all types of alcohol
Band with unspeakable name brings families closer together
Sirius Hunter Lee and his bandmates were on the bus heading to a show on June 4, when an elderly man with an ROTC hat saw their guitars and started talking to them. “He was asking us all sorts of questions,” Lee, a metalhead with long, straight, black Korean hair, who wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, told The Korea Times.
Crazy Multiply offers English subtitles for anti-discrimination film 'Equality Road 1110'
It's been over 15 years since an anti-discrimination law was first proposed in Korea, and the National Assembly has still been unable to do anything about it while the country's most socially marginalized communities continue to suffer.
'England Belongs to' all-girl Korean punk band Rumkicks
One week ago, the three members of Korean punk band Rumkicks were covering “England Belongs to Me” by U.K. band Cock Sparrer in a Seoul basement venue. A little over a week later, they'll be playing the same song on stages across the U.K.
Japanese punk band embarks on cross-country Korean tour
The Korean and Japanese punk scenes are tight with each other, despite the political climate lately, so it's only natural that one of the first overseas bands to tour Korea in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic would be from the nearby island nation.
Korea's metal bands stand with Ukraine at upcoming concert
Nikolai Protopopov, a Ukrainian permanent resident of Korea, may not be picking up weapons and fighting for the survival of his country, but that doesn't mean he's sitting quietly by while here in Seoul.
RAS Korea looks back on earliest filmed images of Korea
Not long after the invention of moving pictures in the late 19th century, Western filmmakers began turning their lenses on other countries, recording their own impressions of foreign cultures and “othering” the people they recorded. The oldest extant video footage shot in Korea dates to May 1901, filmed by American traveler Burton Holmes.
Dogma pop-up preaches hot dog gospel
One of the latest brands to be making waves in Seoul's restaurant scene is Dogma Hot Dogs, a pop-up that's set to have its second official event this Sunday at The Workshop in Seoul's Haebangchon neighborhood. Although the name sounds religious, it's actually meant as a combination of “hot dog” and “ak-ma” (devil).
Filipino students in Korea discuss service, community
There are over 62,000 Filipinos living in Korea, as of 2020 government data. Of those, only less than 1 percent are students enrolled in Korea's universities. An organization of Filipinos studying in Korea came together last Sunday to discuss how best to serve their community, their nation and their families.
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