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Reporter : Kim Ji-soo
Mon, May 29, 2023 | 16:57
U2 leader asks S. Korean president to support Ireland in fight against coronavirus
SEOUL - Bono, the lead vocalist of Irish rock band U2, has sent a letter to South Korean President Moon Jae-in asking for support in his country's fight against the novel coronavirus, the presidential office here said Sunday.
Self-isolators without coronavirus symptoms allowed to vote
Self-isolators will be allowed to cast ballots in the upcoming parliamentary elections if they do not show symptoms of coronavirus infection, authorities said Sunday. "People who were ordered to go into self-quarantine from April 1-14 and show no symptoms on the day of voting can cast ballots," Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said in a press briefing. "Wearing face masks, they...
Virus outbreak sparks concerns over 18-year-old voters' apathy toward April elections
The coronavirus outbreak and the repeated postponement of the new school year have made it difficult for 18-year-old voters to receive election education at schools, spawning concerns about their apathy toward the April 15 polls.
N. Korean defectors eye politics as weapon to make voice heard
Back in North Korea, Ji Seong-ho saw elections as nothing more than a formality, because even a vote against the ruling Workers' Party-picked candidates, let alone criticism of the government, could land voters in prison.
Keeping connected amid COVID-19
In the streets of Seoul, the eyes behind the mask, on the bus, over the counter, or when the delivery man hands over the parcel or pizza, are furtive. It may not be much different in other regions in South Korea.
'Passion Island' or 'Yeoljeongdo' amid Yongsan highrises
Large-scale apartment redevelopment projects are fast changing Seoul's landscape. Towering concrete blocks stand in spaces once occupied by small businesses in two-story buildings. In that sense, visiting the neighborhood known as “Yeoljeongdo,” or Passion Island, near Namyeong Station and Sookmyung Women's University in northern Seoul, is like walking into a bygone era.
Will Bong Joon-ho prompt generation of cinema kids?
After South Korean legend Pak Se-ri won her first U.S. Open in 1998 - a dramatic and historic win that drew global golfers' attention - Korea saw a rise in up-and-coming professional golfers. One after another - Shin Ji-yai, Park In-bee, Park Sung-hyun - young golfers inspired by Pak's win began to emerge.
Documentary chronicles Florida veteran's story
The story goes that while the Army was shipping Wyley Wright Jr. home from Korea in the 1950s, a friend of his accidentally dropped a small picture from his wallet. Wright bent to pick it up.Whoah. It was a beautiful young woman in a dress, wearing a multi-strand necklace and a fetching smile.
Volunteer and walk in Seoul's Lotus Lantern Parade
Every spring one of Seoul's largest festivals takes place to celebrate the birth of Buddha. The Lotus Lantern Festival, also called Yeondeunghoe, has a history stretching back 1,200 years in Korea.
"Parasite" to give much-needed boost to Korean cinema
In 1988, a South Korean man let several snakes loose in two movie theaters in central Seoul to protest the growing influence of Hollywood on South Korean cinema.
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