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Thu, June 1, 2023 | 04:15
EM music festivals to rock Seoul
Music festivals - rock, jazz and electronic dance music (EDM) festivals - are increasingly calling Seoul its host city as young Koreans annually trek to them.In particular, EDM festivals are gaining traction as the genre enters the mainstream globally as well as in Korea.
Defectors juggle mixed sentiments on Korean detente
The rapid pace toward peace is raising a mixed bag of questions for different groups of Koreans, long accustomed to division and tension on the peninsula following the 1950-53 Korean War.For some 30,000 North Korean defectors who have settled in the South, however, the questions and apprehensions are about security and stability.“I heard some North Korean defectors wept, in r...
Renewed hopes for reunion, visit to homeland
Ko Young-beom, 81, calls Ongjin County in North Korea’s western South Hwanghae Province his hometown. Since the April 27 Korea summit, he has been losing sleep. “It feels unreal. Ever since the summit, I feel so jittery that I cannot sleep at night,” he said in an interview with The Korea Times at his home in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. “As I watched Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong...
Peterson to offer 'frog out of well' view
Mark Peterson, 71, a “Koreanist,” has enjoyed a charmed life, according to his and his late mother’s account. “That’s what my mother used to say, because I travel between Korea and the United States so often,” said Peterson, associate professor of Korean, Asian and Near Eastern languages at Brigham Young University in Utah. His mother said traveling between her hometown of Sn...
Historic step of peace
Tension of another kind, full of anticipation for peace, took over Panmunjeom Friday, as the two Koreas held their third summit.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un emerged from the doors of the liaison office on the North side, surrounded by numerous officials and bodyguards for the historic summit.
Skincare products, equipment target mass
Korean cosmetics have earned a reputation for its spirit of innovation. Of late, more niche products are becoming popular, like the ampoule, the concentrated serum and home-beauty equipment like LED masks.
Looking for leaders
As warm weather takes hold, people are catching up on meetings that had been put on hold with friends, colleagues or acquaintances. It may even be reunions with former teachers. Former teachers? Yes. A good relationship with former teachers, whom are regarded as beneficiary figure, has long been gone from Korean society, but few people still value and engage in it. This write...
Legendary singer marks five decades
Way back in the early 1980s, when Korean popular music tilted heavily toward an old-style genre known as trot, singer Cho Yong-pil offered the closest thing to K-pop. Having started out in 1968 with the group Atkins at clubs around U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan in Seoul, it may well be natural that he infused pop with the Korean sound of trot. He didn't stop there, continuing to...
TWICE, EXID, A-PINK and others return this month
Spring is here, and K-pop music will be one of the pursuits to relish in the newly warmed weather. If March saw top boy bands such as Wanna One and TVXQ as well as rising stars Monsta X and Stray Kids making their mark on charts, the top girl bands have been putting or will soon put forth new albums and singles.
Ven. Sunjae, master of temple food, to head Korean Food Promotion Institute
The first master of temple food, Ven. Sunjae, has been tapped to head the Korean Food Promotion Institute.