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Reporter : Kim Ji-soo
Wed, October 4, 2023 | 18:38
Old boys return
When Ahn Cheol-soo of the Bareunmirae Party and Hong Joon-pyo of the Liberty Korea Party left their leadership posts in the wake of their parties' defeats in the June 13 local elections, a fresh set of upcoming leaders seemed all but poised to take the helm.
Seo In-young releases solo single
Releasing new work and waiting for public fan response can be a thrilling and unnerving experience for any artist. For Seo In-young, former member of the K-pop girl group Jewelry, the wait may well have been more so. She returns after more than a year's break that followed a controversy. Seo, 34, released a new digital single titled “Close Your Eyes” after clinching a contrac...
Choosing life of small, certain happiness
In a recent episode of the popular reality program “Ugly Duckling,” actor Lim Won-hee was seen enjoying the smaller things in life, such as the Korean alcoholic rice drink “makgeolli” with tofu slices.
Downside to fame
The ever-growing popularity of the K-pop band BTS is amazing. Hardly a day goes by without news about them. The seven members are also the face of major products in Korea from a leading bank to an electronics company. LG Electronics, for which the band promotes the G7 ThinQ smartphone, said Monday that online views of its video ad reached 150 million in just 50 days. Also, th...
Korea CQ Awards
Ambassador Dato' Rohana Ramli of Malaysia, front row sixth from left, Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) president and professor Choi Jung-wha, front row seventh from left, Ambassador Yip Wei Kat of Singapore, third row sixth from left, and former Nestle Korea CEO Erwan Vi...
K-pop balladeers knock on overseas market
K-pop is thriving. The popularity of top K-pop idol groups such as BTS and TWICE has the effect of expanding the size of the overseas market for all Korean musicians.And top balladeers are taking the jump.
Sending leaflets to North Korea remains thorny issue
Amid inter-Korean detente, private citizens sending North Korea leaflets and USB storage devices containing information and latest news about capitalist South Korea have been causing ire in North Korea, as well as South Korea.
EM music festivals to rock Seoul
Music festivals - rock, jazz and electronic dance music (EDM) festivals - are increasingly calling Seoul its host city as young Koreans annually trek to them.In particular, EDM festivals are gaining traction as the genre enters the mainstream globally as well as in Korea.
Defectors juggle mixed sentiments on Korean detente
The rapid pace toward peace is raising a mixed bag of questions for different groups of Koreans, long accustomed to division and tension on the peninsula following the 1950-53 Korean War.For some 30,000 North Korean defectors who have settled in the South, however, the questions and apprehensions are about security and stability.“I heard some North Korean defectors wept, in r...
Renewed hopes for reunion, visit to homeland
Ko Young-beom, 81, calls Ongjin County in North Korea’s western South Hwanghae Province his hometown. Since the April 27 Korea summit, he has been losing sleep. “It feels unreal. Ever since the summit, I feel so jittery that I cannot sleep at night,” he said in an interview with The Korea Times at his home in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. “As I watched Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong...