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Sat, September 23, 2023 | 07:54
Korea's kimchi exports set new record
South Korea's kimchi exports last year reached a record-high of $159.9 million with a 19.2 million surplus, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
[INTERVIEW] Joseon pop's fanbase in the making
Bill Bragin, co-founder and co-director of the globalFEST world music festival held every year in New York, has witnessed some Korean folk fusion bands gaining a foothold in the United States. “I have seen audiences respond with a great deal of enthusiasm, both at festivals like Roskilde where I saw Black String as well as nightclubs in the United States like Joe's Pub, the D...
Book discloses presidential candidate's bad blood with brother
“Bye! Lee Jae-myung,” is a book written by Jang Young-ha, a former confidant of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea's (DPK) presidential candidate. The book, however, was penned after Jang became Lee's bitter enemy. Officially released on Christmas Eve of all possible dates, the politically-motivated book printed by the Jiwoo publishing house has emerged as a headache for th...
Joseon pop tantalizes US music fans
Korean folk fusion band Ak Dan Gwang Chil's 35-minute concert on the Seattle-based radio station, KEXP, which was released on Nov. 29, offers listeners a unique cultural experience. Created by several different traditional stringed instruments, flutes and percussion, the intense composite sound and the powerful yet restrained vocals of the female singers create a unique sound...
Joseon pop set to be Korea's next cultural export
Since the 1960s, there has been a group of concerned musicians who have been serious about finding a breakthrough for gugak, Korea's centuries-old traditional music styles, to make it more appealing to music fans.Their ceaseless efforts to modernize traditional music and to entice listeners in the local music scene, which has been dominated by contemporary music, finally mate...
'Escape from Sanaa': A Korean's clandestine photo project in Yemen brought to light
For Lim Ji-hoon, “Yemen” is reminiscent of the nerve-racking last day of his trip to the Middle Eastern country. He confessed that he had been uneasy all day when he went to Central Souq al-Mil, a bustling market area of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, for the photo project. “Back in 2009, Yemen was still chaotic and at civil war with intermittent armed conflicts between the North ...
Tears, laughs captured in portrait of London's theater district
In Britain, the 18-month-long shutdown of London's West End theater district has been a harsh but bittersweet experience for those involved in the creative industry. The pandemic ― despite being painful― has given them a rare chance to contemplate and discover their true selves.
Memoir delivers cries for help from N. Korean women trapped in sex slavery in China
Once arriving in China, their lives are no longer under their control. They may be raped by traffickers, who are Chinese or ethnic Koreans who were born and raised in China, before they are sold to poor, older Chinese farmers. Some are forced into prostitution or to perform online pornography. Scared by death threats or potential harm to their family members left behind in th...
Book addresses Koreans' underused 'gene' for success
The odd trio consisting of an economist, an expert on Confucianism and a tech startup entrepreneur shared concerns about the country in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: They were in doubt about the future of Korea.
Singer-artist Solbi wins top award at Spanish art festival
Singer and artist Kwon Ji-an, better known by her stage name Solbi, won the Grand Artist Award at The Premi International d'Art de Barcelona held in Spain, her agency MAP Crew said in a press release on Monday.