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Wed, November 29, 2023 | 06:29
Justice minister's motives behind New York trip questioned
Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon's visit to New York three months ago is belatedly rekindling the interest of some members of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK). They claimed that the primary purpose of Han's visit was to investigate if there were any unlawful acts allegedly committed by President Yoon Suk-yeol's political opponents.
Is Kim Jong-un emulating Putin's saber-rattling?
The latest developments in North Korea's provocations show that its leader Kim Jong-un has become dangerously bolder and more fearless. Kim gave the North Korean military the green light to go ahead with the launches of two short-range ballistic missiles that flew over the East Sea on Thursday, the day when South Korea, the United States and Japan conducted another trilateral...
Spoiled democracy
The National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee's audit of the foreign ministry on the first day of its annual audit on Tuesday showed exactly how dysfunctional modern-day Korean politics is. The annual event, which once served as an effective platform to look into whether Cabinet ministries and state-run companies worked well that year, has become a dull, stupid show as unpr...
North Korea reinstates mask mandate amid fears of winter twindemic
While South Korea recently has begun to phase-out its mask mandate, the North has gone the opposite. The reclusive state lifted its mask mandate two months ago, and reinstated it from this month, as a preemptive measure against a possible “twindemic” of seasonal influenza and COVID-19 on the coming fall and winter.
Presidential chief of staff accuses media of destabilizing Korea-US alliance
Presidential Chief of Staff Kim Dae-ki showed his disdain for the fact that the media had reported on President Yoon Suk-yeol's private conversation with Foreign Minister Park Jin in New York last week, which were caught on camera.
Yoon, Kishida find their hands tied
President Yoon Suk-yeol stressed again that he would keep pushing to get South Korea's strained relations with Japan back on the right track. “South Korea-Japan relations are not something you can improve dramatically with a single effort,” he said while answering questions from journalists on his way to the presidential office in Yongsan, Seoul, Monday. “Bilateral ties reced...
When 'Macho Man' met 'Mr. Status quo'
There was much back and forth between South Korea and Japan up until the moment their leaders actually met in New York on Wednesday (local time) for a meeting. Days before President Yoon Suk-yeol's second official overseas trip to three nations ― namely Great Britain, the United States and Canada_ since he was inaugurated on May 10, the presidential office told reporters in a...
Seoul proposes inter-Korean talks for family reunions
Unification Minister Kwon Young-se proposed inter-Korean talks on resuming meetings to reunite separated families on Thursday, a day before the start of the Chuseok holiday. The proposal was unveiled during an impromptu press conference held at the Government Complex Seoul. The unification minister suggested that officials of the two Koreas sit down as soon as possible so the...
[Photos] Nation wary of monster typhoon
By Kang Hyun-kyungNervous tension fills the air as the monster Typhoon Hinnamnor approaches the nation. Traumatic memories of Typhoon Maemi are still fresh in the minds of those who were hit hard by the storm back in 2003. Some were displaced, losing their homes to the typhoon, and some were killed or missing. For elderly people who experienced the nation's deadliest Typhoon ...
Ousted party leader criticizes President Yoon, his aides again
Lee Jun-seok, the ousted chairman of the ruling People Power Party (PPP), urged residents of the southeastern city of Daegu to stand up to the Yoon Suk-yeol administration, insisting that the party is heading in the wrong direction. “I'm standing here now to urge you, citizens of Daegu City, to once again pick up the bamboo stick of rebuke,” he said.
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