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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 11:36
From sky to deserted islands, two artists' documentation of nature adds surreal touch to reality
Chung Zu-young has been under the spell of mountains for over two decades. Her multiple trips to Mount Bukhan, Inwang, Dobong and the Alps would produce odd yet mesmerizing close-ups of cliffs, gorges and boulders.
Centre Pompidou's Korean branch to open in 63 Building
The Centre Pompidou, a Parisian cultural complex that houses the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe with over 120,000 works, is set to open a Korean branch in Seoul's 63 Square, more commonly known as the 63 Building.
'Dansaekhwa' master's art museum to be prominent addition to Jeju Island's cultural fabric
JEJU ISLAND ― “Nothing in my life has changed. Sure, I was shaken up for the first two or three days, but now, nada,” Park Seo-bo, master of Korean “dansaekhwa” (monochrome painting), remarked nonchalantly on a cloudless mid-afternoon in March as the waves crashed onto Jeju Island's scenic coast.
Gems from Swiss patron's mammoth collection of contemporary Chinese art on show at SongEun
When the young Swiss businessman Uli Sigg first made his trip to China in 1979, a year after Deng Xiaoping's promulgation of the Open Door Policy, he quickly realized that he was only allowed a peek into a very small fragment of Chinese reality.
Film to be made about pioneering sculptor Kwon Jin-kyu
A documentary film examining the life and works of the pioneering realist sculptor Kwon Jin-kyu (1922-73) will go into production, according to film studio Myung Films.
Jung Yeon-doo selected as MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2023 artist
Interdisciplinary artist Jung Yeon-doo has been named the creator for this year's MMCA Hyundai Motor Series by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea.
[INTERVIEW] Seoul on cusp of modernization captured through photos of vanishing 'moon villages'
A black-and-white snapshot captures the facade of a dilapidated shack in southern Seoul's Apgujeong-dong, with a torn-out roof and walls that turn out to be nothing more than a mishmash of tarps and nailed wood boards of wildly varying sizes.
Westerners' accounts of pre-modern Korea open to public for 1st time
It was centuries ago when Korea, known as Joseon (1392-1910), earned a curious nickname - the hermit kingdom. The term came from American author William Elliot Griffis' “Korea: The Hermit Nation” (1882) when recounting stories related to the country, which had deliberately shut itself off from the rest of the world.
From national treasures to household items, 500 years of Korea's finest porcelain put on view
What comes to mind when you hear the words Joseon white porcelain? Some would answer the question with an image of a moon jar, a voluminous, moon-like pottery item produced during the late Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) which eventually, would go on to fascinate Korean modern art masters like Kim Whanki (1913-74) with its minimalist yet entrancing aesthetic.
Artist Kim Hee-cheon wins 20th Hermes Foundation Missulsang
Artist Kim Hee-cheon, whose video works incorporate technological interfaces to question how our present-day reality is perceived and understood, has been named the winner of the 20th Hermes Foundation Missulsang, according to the foundation, Tuesday.
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