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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Thu, June 8, 2023 | 11:02
Book celebrating cineaste Park Chan-wook's 30-year career to go in print
A comprehensive, limited-edition book highlighting cineaste Park Chan-wook's decades-spanning oeuvre is slated for publication early next month. In May, Park became the second Korean auteur ever to notch the Best Director prize at Cannes for his 2022 romance noir, “Decision to Leave,” starring Tang Wei and Park Hae-il. The film, which earned six awards at the Blue Dragon Film...
[INTERVIEW] Young performer hopes to revive popularity of magic in Korea
SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates - A constellation of balls, playing cards, metal canes and rings change colors and multiply in mere seconds at the deft gesticulations of a young magician. Without uttering a single word, the black-clad magician continues to wield the tools of his trade against the rhythmic music echoing through a neon-lit theater, enthralling the eyes of childre...
Treasured Goryeo-era celadon wares found underwater go on display
It was May 2007 when a fisherman working off the coast of Taean's Daeseom Island in South Chungcheong Province caught in his fish trap a webfoot octopus grabbing onto what appeared to be a celadon bowl from the Goryeo period (918-1392). The chance discovery soon led to a historic excavation of relics in the waters around Daeseom and Mado Islands from 2007 to 2010, conducted b...
K-Book Festival 2022 to bring together lovers of Korean literature in Japan
The K-Book Festival 2022 in Japan invites fans of contemporary Korean literature across the country for a weekend-long series filled with talks, performances and contests. The hybrid event is scheduled to be simultaneously held at the Bellesalle Kudan in Tokyo and broadcast live via the festival's YouTube channel from Nov. 26 to 27.
NMK unveils immersive Korean art gallery at National Museum Bangkok
The National Museum of Korea (NMK) has unveiled a new digital content-centered Korean art gallery at the National Museum Bangkok in Thailand. “A New Encounter: Immersive Gallery of Korean Art,” born from the Korean museum's collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Culture, presents traditional Korean cultural heritage that has been reinterpreted via high-end digital technology...
Rhee Ki-bong's haunting vistas enveloped in fog question process of perception
Artist Rhee Ki-bong lets the otherworldly natural landscapes, with not a living soul in sight, speak for themselves. The haunting and ethereal vistas enveloped in a blanket of fog at the break of day are like those straight out of a gothic fairytale. Such mystic sceneries are born from a highly realistic spatial illusion, in which the artist layers diaphanous fiber or clear p...
WINNER's Mino to further explore identity as painter at his first solo exhibition
Since making his initial foray into the fine arts scene in 2019, Mino of K-pop boy band WINNER has been exploring his dual creative identity as a rapper-producer and painter. At the end of this year, he is set to further show his newfound artistic side to audiences under the alias Ohnim - his first name, Min-ho, spelled backwards - by holding his first solo exhibition at the ...
Opera Gallery Group chief paints rosy picture of global art market's future
Describing himself as “an art-loving entrepreneur with a global vision,” Gilles Dyan, Opera Gallery Group's founder and chairman, remains optimistic about the future of the international art market, despite the current uncertainties surrounding the economy.
'Uncanny Convenience Store' becomes newest book to sell over 1 million
The novel series, “Uncanny Convenience Store,” penned by Kim Ho-yeon, has become the newest title to sell over a million copies in Korea this week. According to the local publishing house, Namu Bench, as of Monday, the book's first volume had sold 800,000 copies, while the second sold more than 200,000.
LTI Korea launches web platform to facilitate global publications of Korean literature
As part of its mission to promote and facilitate the translation and international publication of Korean literature, the Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) has launched a new website called KLWAVE (Korean Literature Wave).
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