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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 10:56
37 killed in Miryang hospital fire
Thirty-seven people died in a fire at Sejong Hospital in Miryang, South Gyeongsang Province, Friday morning. Most of the victims were believed to have been aged patients receiving long-term intensive care who couldn’t move without help. Among the victims were a doctor and two nurses, fire officials said. The death toll could rise as 18 people injured were in critical conditio...
'Pre-Olympic military parade will give North Korea PR advantage' [VIDEO]
North Korea reportedly plans to stage a massive military parade on Feb. 8 to celebrate its armed forces. The next day, South Korea will hold the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The North will send a delegation to the Games, with its team marching with South Korean athletes and officials under the name “Corea,” using a common flag.
Strengthening ethics - a challenge for the legal community
Hwang Joo-myung is often referred to as “Judge Hwang” among people who know him. The founder and chairman of HMP Law (H stands for his last name), one of the country's leading law firms, has spent only 12 of his 60-year legal career as a judge, the rest being with corporations and law firms. It does not take long to understand his nickname. The mild-mannered former judge is m...
BTS staying on Billboard Hot 100
With “Mic Drop,” BTS has been on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the eighth consecutive week. The K-pop boy band's latest hit features artist Desiigner and remixed by Steve Aoki and ranks No. 79 on Jan. 27. It made BTS the longest-lasting K-pop act on the Billboard chart.
Suicide-glorifying web cartoons face crackdown
Organizing a suicide pact will be a crime, while guidelines will discourage producers of web cartoons or TV dramas from encouraging or glorifying suicide. Military officers will undergo a personality test twice a year instead of once now, and all soldiers will receive suicide prevention education.
Kim Jong-un in PyeongChang
So far, there has been little to divert from our familiar North Korean playbook. Leader Kim Jong-un has switched to conciliatory tactics. South Korea has jumped at the chance to achieve anything close to a more stable form of lasting peace. The result is the first high-level inter-Korean contact since the Moon Jae-in administration’s May inauguration. Now Pyongyang is expecte...
[INTERVIEW] 'Don't just imitate native English speakers'
Learning English is a challenge to many. For Koreans who learn it as a second tongue, there are too many things to overcome -- pronunciation, grammar, use of discourse markers and other mannerisms of native English speakers. In other words, English learning comes down to, well, imitating to the point of speaking like Americans or the English. That can be one recipe for disast...
[INTERVIEW] 'Korea-UAE row to blow up again'
The row between Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been patched up for now, but it is a matter of time before it blows up again, Rep. Kim Jong-dae told The Korea Times Tuesday. “The two countries have agreed not to disagree for now,” the lawmaker from the minor progressive Justice Party said. He said the UAE had its ego stroked as the government sent the presidentia...
'Along With the Gods' draws 13 million viewers
"Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds" has topped 13 million in attendance, becoming the fifth most-watched film. Since its release Dec. 20, the fantasy blockbuster had attracted 13,039,675 viewers as of Tuesday, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) said.
Ex-presidential aide arrested
Kim Paik-joon, a key aide of former President Lee Myung-bak, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly receiving more than 400 million won ($375,000) from the National Intelligence Service. Kim Jin-mo, Lee's presidential secretary for civil affairs from 2009-2011, was arrested on a similar charge.
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