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Wed, October 4, 2023 | 23:06
Daejon keeps closer tabs on native language teachers after drug bust
A native language teaching assistant in Daejon was recently fired for selling drugs to Koreans but no action was initially taken against him because the school kept the education office in the dark.
Native English teacher fired for alleged sexual molestation
Amid the spreading #MeToo movement, a native English-speaking teacher at a girls' high school was recently fired over allegations of sexually molesting students and calling the East Sea the “Japan Sea.”
Third summit - gift horse or Trojan one?
The third inter-Korean summit in April, North Korea's conditional pledge to give up its nuclear weapons and renounce provocations against South Korea, its willingness to speak to the United States and a moratorium on testing have been capped by an invitation for Seoul to send a cultural delegation, including a taekwondo demonstration team, to Pyongyang.
Video English learning from Philippines bumps out 'live' native teachers
Now that hiring native English-speaking instructors is costly, some local education authorities are relying more on the cheaper method of online video learning. Daegu City offers a program for all primary and secondary school students residing in the city to log on to a website and learn practical English from native-speaking teachers in the Philippines. The video classes mat...
Korea's rape culture under attack
Allegations of South Chungcheong Governor An Hee-jung repeatedly raping his secretary are culminating in the ongoing revolution that is changing Korean society fundamentally. It may take time to determine whether An is guilty of rape or, by the current standards, consensual sex. But even if it is proven in court to be the latter, it would still smack of rape. The reason is th...
Native English-speaking teachers fight back
Many readers reacted to a recent article about a survey of Korean teachers in primary and secondary schools in Gwangju that showed native English-speaking lecturers were not cost-effective. Here are some reactions on Facebook.
Don't rule out that Moon may show US the door
Moon Jung-in, mentor to President Moon Jae-in on foreign and North Korea affairs, pre-empts Seoul's policy. Now under question is his remark at a seminar in Washington, D.C., to the effect that U.S. forces should leave Korea, if its president shows the door. The comment was made in the context of the U.S. having wartime control of ROK forces. The U.S. is said to be resistant ...
Native English instructors 'not cost effective'
Most English teachers in primary and secondary schools do not believe that having native speaking assistants is beneficial in cost-to-benefit terms, a recent survey shows. Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education conducted surveyed 312 teachers _ 212 elementary school teachers and 100 middle school teachers who have been partnered with native English-speaking instructors.
GM Korea to fire half its foreign executives
GM Korea will fire half its foreign executives and employees, about 18, by September, its spokesman told The Korea Times Wednesday.
Between Ivanka and Kim Yo-jong, it's no draw
There were desperate attempts to compare Ivanka Trump and Kim Yo-jongr. Perhaps it was the spirit of the Olympics that fed the media frenzy _ who is the better of the two. The first visited the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Games, while the second attended the opening. Or the old Cold War sense of confrontation gave full play to the United States-North Korea stan...
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