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Wed, November 29, 2023 | 06:27
N. Korea's pretty-face diplomacy... is it working?
Was it a ruse to distract our attention from the beast with beauty? There is no doubt that Ri Sol-ju, who accompanied her husband, North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un on his recent surprise visit to China, certainly turned heads. Her smart, elegant looks distracted attention from her overweight, grumpy-looking husband.
Kim Jong-un says 'North Korea is committed to denuclearization'
“It is our consistent stand to be committed to denuclearization on the peninsula, in accordance with the will of late President Kim Il-sung and late General Secretary Kim Jong-il,” Kim said according to Xinhua.
'Xi could join Kim, Trump for summit'
In a Beijing summit, the likelihood is that Xi would be host to Trump and Kim, making it a three-way summit. “For Seoul, it could prove a tall order to have a seat at the table,” a source said. Tuesday's visit would be also to coordinate the position of Beijing and Pyongyang before the North Korean-U.S. summit, he believed.
Saab worries Korea will buy Boeing's anti-sub planes with no bids
Saab is in for a difficult competition in Korea. By the lie of the land, the Swedish company may not get a chance to bid for Korea's $1.7 billion purchase deal for anti-submarine aircraft. Even if it is allowed, it is widely seen as a spoiler for Korean buyers to get a better deal from an American defense contractor. Just for that purpose _ lower cost, greater technology tran...
Rapper Dok2 lives Spartan life in super-luxury penthouse
Dok2, rapper, showed off his wealth on the reality show, “My little old boy” Sunday. On the show, the musician _ who has a Korean mother and a Filipino father _ gave fellow rapper Din Din, a tour of his residence _ a hotel suite covering 529 square meters. Appearing on a television program, Dok2 had previously complained about his 426-square-meter hotel room being too small a...
Jung-gu to provide native English teachers for all schools in district
Jung-gu District in central Seoul will spend 830 million won (about $780,000) this year to provide native English-speaking teachers at all primary and secondary schools in the district. The budget also includes the purchase of books written in English. Sixth graders _ as well as third, fourth and fifth graders _ will take part in immersion tours.
Nobel Peace Prize for this guy?
If there could be lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula after two summits by the end of May, all three protagonists - President Moon Jae-in, U.S. President Donald Trump and, yes, North Korea's young dictator Kim Jong-un - would deserve a piece of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. True, most of us would have moral reservations about them getting the award.
[INTERVIEW] 'I don't like macho type'
Actress Oh Yeon-seo captured the zeitgeist of the #MeToo era, when she declared, “I don't like a macho type. “I like someone who is kind and attentive to my needs,” the actress said in a recent interview with four reporters ahead of the release of her latest movie “Cheese in the Trap” last week. Oh wants to see more women star in and direct movies that change female stereotyp...
For summit, South Korea's defense minister should stay at home
Defense Minister Song Young-moo, 70, is a loose cannon. The former chief of naval operations has exploded occasionally but so far without irreparable damage. But left alone, he may bring the roof down, ultimately the house, too.
Dotard meets Rocket Man
Anything related to North Korea _ especially something major _ should be taken not with a grain of salt but maybe with a spoonful. Apply that history-proven rule and the breaking news of Pyongyang's invitation for U.S. President Donald Trump to a meeting is not one to jump for joy at, as if it would lead to the elusive goal of lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.
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