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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 01:42
Careless whispers?
If one photo is worth a thousand words, this should easily qualify. Presidential envoy Chung Eui-yong is captured whispering to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who is leaning toward him. Kim has a big smile on his face.
Briefing on envoy's trip to North Korea due 10:40 am
A South Korean delegation met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during their one-day visit to Pyongyang Wednesday. The photos released by Cheong Wa Dae after their return late on the day showed the meeting proceeded amicably. In many of them, the North Korean leader was captured with a big smile on his face. Speculation is that the southern team has gained what they went for re...
Google's erotic, elusive ads
Can anybody hold Google to account and seek punishment of it for its advertisements? Hardly, because, after all, you choose them and you are given an option to switch them off. Or maybe not.
Our Boy Scout foreign minister
Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha has habitually underutilized the power of her office and if the first female to get the job can start to use more of it, Korea's diplomacy would be more vibrant and competitive.
Minister's accusation of folktale hero as rapist legally challenged
A prominent lawyer says Gender Equality and Family Minister Chung Hyun-back's depiction of a folktale hero as a kidnapper-rapist is not based on the rule of law but on herd mentality. Hwang Ju-myung, a former judge and chairman of HMP Law, said Chung did not provide evidence to support her accusation and by her logic would have to prepare for a legal challenge from the woodcu...
Womad pushes man-hating to limits
People can dismiss Womad as the website of an extreme bunch of man-haters - misandrists or feminazi. It shouldn't be or can't be.
Seoul's new envoy to Vietnam gets warning for anti-US remarks
The Foreign Ministry Tuesday admonished the new ambassador to Vietnam, Kim Do-hyun, for his critical remarks about the United States during an interview with a vernacular Korean paper. The remarks in question are as follows: "The reason why the inter-Korean summit was successful is because pro-United States diplomats were not put in charge. ... a majority of Korean diplomats ...
Korean Air heiress' crocodile's tears? [PHOTOS]
Cho Hyun-min, Korean Air executive and daughter of the national flag carrier’s Chairman Cho Yang-ho, kept saying, “I am sorry” to reporters’ questions.
Beware! North Korean invasion under way
An attack by North Korea is under way but not in the way we have feared most. Instead of employing guns and rockets, this one involves an elaborate set of public relations (PR) moves, which, when lumped together, proves a major charm offensive that can disarm the South and corner other stakeholder countries. And its effects can be as devastating as conventional war. The spear...
How nuclear bottom lines collide
Often, expectations are set higher than what is realistically possible. In the ongoing whirlwind of movement toward a potential resolution of North Korea's nuclear threat, the players want what the other side finds impossible to accept. If they insist on their overblown demands, the April 27 inter-Korean summit and the one in May between the North and the U.S. will not produc...
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