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Reporter : Bahk Eun-ji
Sun, January 23, 2022 | 23:30
Strengthened response
New police officers undergo training to enhance their ability to deal with violent crime scenes, at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul, Wednesday. The police strengthened the training amid public criticism for bungled responses to a recent attempted murder case in Incheon. Yonhap
Winter charity event begins
First lady Kim Jung-sook, center, poses with other participants during a ceremony at Seoul Plaza, Wednesday, to launch an annual donation campaign for those living in financial poverty, organized by the Community Chest of Korea. The campaign continues nationwide through Jan. 31. Yonhap
Korea identifies 1st Omicron cases
Five cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 were reported in Korea, Wednesday, the first infections here by the variant which is believed to be more transmissible than the Delta variant and potentially resistant to current vaccines. The government said it would conduct genome sequencing on all people who test positive for COVID-19 after coming here from abroad to check for ...
Korea-US military meeting
South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Chairman Gen. Won In-choul and his U.S. counterpart Mark Milley salute during an honor guard inspection on the JCS compound in Seoul, Wednesday, prior to the 46th Korea-U.S. Military Committee Meeting to discuss the two countries' commitment to defend against potential threats from North Korea, and the defense posture of their allied ...
Seoul's first craftworks museum highlights artisans
People admire the beauty of craftworks, but they rarely appreciate the artisans who turn materials obtained from nature into useful objects for daily life. The Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA), which had its official opening on Tuesday, is dedicated to both the craftworks and the creators.
Annual lantern festival lights up downtown Seoul
The Seoul Lantern Festival kicked off on Nov. 26 to light up the city center with more than 80 paper lanterns over Cheonggye Stream, for a 10-day run through Dec. 5, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO).
Korea limits vaccine passes to 6-month validity
The government said Monday that its COVID-19 vaccination certificate will expire six months after secondary inoculation so as to encourage more people to get booster shots, while patients will be placed in home treatment unless their condition is serious enough to be hospitalized. The health authorities added that the country will not move to a second phase of “Living with CO...
Fear grows over new variant stronger than Delta
Concerns are growing over the possible spread of a new COVID-19 variant here, following rapid overseas transmission of the Omicron mutation which is believed to be stronger than the currently dominant Delta strain. Although its potential threat is yet to be determined compared with other strains, experts are urging the government to take as strong measures as possible to prev...
Concerns over COVID infection growing among pregnant women
Concerns are growing among pregnant woman nationwide over whether to receive COVID-19 vaccine or not following the death of a fetus which is presumed to be due to infection from the coronavirus transmitted by the mother. According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), the mother, who had not been vaccinated, tested positive Nov. 18, and delivered a stillb...
Namseoul University introduces nation's first IBEC course
Namseoul University has been operating a broad range of programs to achieve the goal of cultivating talented global citizens equipped with skills that transcend national borders. A global dual degree program, which allows students to acquire a degree jointly from Namseoul and one of seven foreign universities in six countries - the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ne...
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