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Mon, January 24, 2022 | 00:58
Groundless vaccine misinformation spreading online
Nearly 70 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, but some people still believe and spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about the vaccines, refusing to get injections. The misinformation and groundless claims are being fueled by isolated cases of severe side effects involving vaccinated people. Experts urge the government to take counte...
Labor group faces series of complaints following mass rally
Civic groups and local governments have filed complaints to the police against the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) for pushing ahead with mass rallies across the nation, Wednesday, in violation of the social distancing measures and the law on assembly.
Umbrella union stages mass rally in Seoul
A major umbrella union staged a mass rally in central Seoul, Wednesday, causing serious traffic chaos in the downtown area. Members of the Korea Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held the demonstration to demand better working conditions for irregular workers and a minimum wage hike, despite the authorities' repeated warning not to hold it out of concerns over a possible r...
Regional universities experience student shortage
Lee Ju-young, who graduated from high school in Gangneung, Gangwon Province, in 2020, was admitted to Kangwon National University, a prestigious national university in the province. But she chose to enter Dongguk University in Seoul, where she was also admitted. “As a national university, Kangwon is not bad because the tuition is a lot cheaper than Dongguk, and the school is ...
Local campsites struggling with trash, noise from campers
Camping has been gaining in popularity, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is an activity in which people can enjoy nature in a quiet space while minimizing contact with others. While people usually enjoy camping with tents at designated campsites, many also choose auto camping, called “chabak” in Korean, which translates to, “spending the night in one...
Early cold wave grips nation
Unseasonably low temperatures hit the country over the weekend, forcing people to put on their winter coats early, with cold weather alerts being issued in almost all regions. On Sunday, Seoul's morning low fell to 1.3 degrees Celsius, which is usually not recorded until the end of November or early December. It was the lowest mid-October temperature in 67 years since 1.2 deg...
KU Medicine seeks social value with new campuses
Korea University (KU) Medicine has supported the government's quarantine efforts as a large general hospital since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first university hospital in the country to send medical workers to Daegu, which was a virus hotbed in the first wave of the pandemic here, and operated three facilities in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province for treatin...
Only 3 in 10 Koreans wash hands with soap after using toilet: survey
Only three out of 10 Koreans wash their hands with soap for at least 30 seconds after using the toilet, a report showed, Thursday. Nearly 90 percent of the people surveyed for the report believed they were exercising sufficient personal hygiene, but fell short of health authorities' guidelines.
Korea officially prepares for 'living with COVID-19'
Korea has officially started discussion on “living with COVID-19” measures as the full vaccination rate is expected to reach 70 percent of the population soon, and the nation will need quarantine guidelines different from the current ones that are focused on banning activities and operations.
Violations of social distancing rules growing
Cases of people violating COVID-19 social distancing rules have been on the rise, as public awareness of compliance with the rules has loosened amid the protracted pandemic as well as expectations for an announced transition to a “living with COVID-19” policy. It was found that on Sept. 18 during the Chuseok long weekend, 75 foreign nationals visited a privately owned uninhab...
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