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Reporter : Park Yoon-bae
Sun, August 14, 2022 | 13:30
No code of silence can protect the killer of a child
The code of silence on Baltimore's streets has protected many who have done despicable deeds, but none more than those whose depravity results in the death of a child.
Banks or usurers?
Public criticism is mounting about Korean banks' “usurious” business practices, after the big-four financial groups and their banks joined the 1 trillion won ($890 million) in net profits club in the first half of the year. Rising interest rates have sharply pushed up the banks' interest income, and their non-banking affiliates, including insurance firms and credit card companies, also fared well.
More pets abandoned
Even before the summer holiday season begins, there has been an alarming increase in the number of pets being abandoned across the country. A statistics app on deserted pets shows that 3,336 dogs and cats are protected in shelters nationwide as of July 10. The number has doubled from the 1,669 as of June 23.
In-flight meal fiasco
Asiana Airlines' unprecedented “no in-flight meals” problem continued Wednesday for the fourth straight day. This is causing embarrassment not only to the company but also the public which denounced it for alleged unfair practices including the exploitation of subcontractors.
US-China trade war worries worsen as Trump seeks grand bargain
Worries are growing over a potential U.S.-China trade war. With Washington poised to impose tariffs on some $34 billion of Chinese goods, the Trump team is also considering soon placing new restrictions on Chinese ownership of U.S. “industrially significant technology” firms, and enhanced export controls on technologies shipped to China.
Rectifying ill-effects
The Moon Jae-in administration faces growing calls for additional measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the new, shorter workweek system.
Gun owners must lock up and unload at home
New research from the University of Washington shows gun owners in this state must do a much better job of securing their weapons at home.
Naver looks, acts, sounds like news outlet
Naver, the portal where readers get more news than from any other single news organization doesn't want to be classified as a news outlet because it would be subject to the stringent rules applied to newspapers and broadcasters. But a look at its display of news about Wednesday's summit between President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump makes one wonder whether Naver can avoid the media label any longer.
Barbara Bush, a no-nonsense first lady
As matriarch of one of America's political dynasties, Barbara Pierce Bush, who was the wife and mother of presidents, an honor held by only one other first lady, was more than just the woman behind the powerful men in her family.
Trump taking smart calculated risk with North Korea talks
In July 1971, President Richard Nixon jolted the international status quo _ and set diplomatic nerves worldwide fluttering _ by announcing he would visit China. “Never in history, to our knowledge, have diplomatic relations progressed so fast from the ping-pong table to the presidency,” this page breathlessly observed.
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