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Reporter : Park Yoon-bae
Sun, August 14, 2022 | 11:44
Kim Jong-un's fear about hallyu
In North Korea, the spread of South Korean pop culture - widely known as hallyu - is nothing new. But to a large extent it has gained traction - particularly since the global outbreak of COVID-19 last year.
Embracing winds of change
Water that fails to flow is bound to become stagnant. This old Korean saying seems to have never been more relevant than at present, as far as the country's politics is concerned.
Go beyond alliance
The May 21 summit between President Moon Jae-in and his U.S. counterpart President Joe Biden has set a new stage for the bilateral alliance. It has also significant implications for South Korea's foreign policy amid the escalating Sino-U.S. rivalry.
No. 1 enemy of ruling elite
The Moon Jae-in administration and the ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) are still reeling from the crushing defeat in the April 7 mayoral by-elections in Seoul and Busan. Now the question is whether they can regain public trust and escape the political deadlock.
'From hero to turncoat'
Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl's resignation in early March has prompted speculation about a possible entrance into politics. Many pundits and politicians already believe that it is a fait accompli for him to make his debut as a politician sooner or later.
Prevent conflicts of interest
Lawmakers of both the ruling and opposition parties have come under criticism for dragging their feet in legislating a law designed to prevent conflicts of interest. Such a law is imperative to stop civil servants and elected officials from using insider information for personal gain.
Upward growth projection
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) revised its growth outlook for the Korean economy Tuesday to an annualized 3.3 percent, up from its December estimate of 2.8 percent. The Paris-based club of industrial economies also readjusted its 2021 growth forecast for the global economy to 5.6 percent from the earlier projection of 4.2 percent. It cited the positive effects of the COVID-19 vaccines rollout and concerted efforts of by policymakers in major countries as reasons for this optimism.
Perseverance on Mars
Challenges Korea faces
South Korea faces two major diplomatic and security challenges this year. The first challenge is North Korea's persistent development of nuclear weapons. The second one is the growing rivalry between the United States and China.
Remembering late labor activist
Fifty years have passed since a young garment worker and labor activist burned himself to death in a Seoul market to protest the exploitation and terrible working conditions of workers.
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