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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Tue, May 30, 2023 | 20:00
Once COVID-19 success stories, what went wrong in Hong Kong and Korea?
HONG KONG - Using different approaches, Hong Kong and South Korea managed to keep COVID cases mostly under control until late last year. In fact, they did such a good job that the two countries were referred to as success cases of curbing the virus without resorting to draconian measures such as lockdowns, which wreak havoc on the economy. But the number of infection cases ha...
Korea's China policy faces shift under Yoon administration
HONG KONG - The election of conservative Yoon Suk-yeol as South Korea's next president has raised questions over the future direction of relations between Seoul and Beijing, with the former prosecutor making clear he plans to strengthen trade and security ties with Washington. Yoon has taken a harder stance on China than outgoing liberal president Moon Jae-in, who has placed ...
Experts urge caution against taking advantage of anti-China sentiment for election
HONG KONG -- South Koreans avidly took part in boycotting Japanese brands when bilateral tensions escalated in the past years, given the history of the two countries. This time, the antagonism is directed at another neighbor in Northeast Asia: China.
Do Samsung smartphones have a chance in China?
HONG KONG - Attention is growing over whether Samsung Electronics will be able to regain its foothold in China's smartphone market, which it reigned over a decade ago, as the tech giant takes a renewed focus on the world's second largest economy. Samsung accounted for almost 20 percent of China's market for smart handsets in 2013, but its share has fallen to less than 1 perce...
What's driving China's fintech prowess?
HONG KONG -- China carved out a lead in fintech services over the past decade, with big tech firms having taken the lead on the back of deregulated government policies and surging public demand for electronic payment options.
Regulations put Chinese tech firms' US listing in limbo
HONG KONG ― China's medical equipment maker Meihua made a successful debut on the Nasdaq in New York on Wednesday, the first Chinese IPO on a U.S. market in seven months. The IPO comes after Beijing stated it is introducing tougher rules for companies seeking overseas listings. More small companies in China's non-tech sector have made filings for listings in the U.S.
Outlook bright for China's carbon neutrality, chip stocks
HONG KONG - China's internet stocks had been popular among global investors up until 2020, as the companies had been achieving rapid growth. But 2021 was tough for platform giants' stocks, as authorities' strengthened crackdowns put them on a downward trajectory.
China faces tough years ahead for growth
HONG KONG - The Chinese economy is facing a slowdown in 2022 due to the aftermath of government regulatory policies and structural challenges amid the unrelenting spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts said Friday. China made a rebound in 2021, with its economy growing 8.1 percent from the previous year, backed by the base effect. China's GDP growth rate has steadily fallen...
China uses Olympics to take lead in digital currency race
HONG KONG - China is at the forefront of a race among major economies to develop a centralized digital currency, launching its digital yuan for use at the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics for foreign athletes and visitors. While the introduction came amid muted fanfare due to the strict control of overseas visitors and local residents to shield the Games from the COVID-19 pand...
Hana Bank faces partial business suspension for mis-selling of funds
A partial business suspension is looming over Hana Bank, as financial authorities determined the lender should become subject to the penalty for mis-selling funds to investors from 2017 to 2019.
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