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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Mon, February 26, 2024 | 17:25
BMW's foundation leads corporate social responsibility
BMW Korea said Thursday it is seeking to offer a new model for multinational companies' corporate social responsibility efforts here. The carmaker established the BMW Korea Future Foundation in July 2011. Marking its 10th anniversary, BMW is seeking to engage in activities with greater positive social impact. This is centered on training young students to help them discover i...
[ANALYSIS] Tesla's strategy to benefit, challenge Korean battery makers
Tesla's recently unveiled plan to power its standard-range electric vehicles (EV) with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode batteries is set to benefit Korean battery makers by opening new opportunities in the market, with other major automakers expected to follow suit.
KT confirms routing errors caused network disruption
Routing errors by KT employees caused the company's nationwide network services disruption a day earlier, the telecommunications firm said Tuesday, pledging to compensate customers for any losses caused by the incident. "We confirmed that the disruption was caused by errors in designating network routes, which took place while switching to the latest equipment to upgrade serv...
LG's flexible displays to be featured at London art exhibition
LG is increasing its collaboration with artists to present their works using its premium display panels. LG Electronics said Sunday that its flexible displays will be featured at a media art exhibition in London that will be held through the end of this year.
All eyes on Lee Jae-yong's next move on late chairman's death anniversary
Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong is being watched closely over how he will steer the nation's largest conglomerate on the first anniversary of the death of his father and the business group's late chairman, Lee Kun-hee. Lee, who was released from prison in August, is seen to have three key missions - creating new growth engines through bold investments, overhauling corporate governa...
Korea urged to monitor a possible shrink in exports
The Korea International Trade Association (KITA) on Wednesday warned of risks ahead of U.S. tapering measures, as Korea's exports to emerging economies with weak fiscal conditions could slow down.
Korea's homegrown 'Nuri' space rocket awaits launch
Korea's homegrown “Nuri” space rocket is stationed at the Naro Space Center in Goheung, South Jeolla Province, Wednesday. The three-stage, liquid-fueled rocket, also known as the Korean Satellite Launch Vehicle II, will lift off on Thursday, carrying a 1.5-ton dummy satellite. If successfully launched, the payload will enter into a low orbit 600 to 800 kilometers ...
KakaoT, UT, Tada to battle for cab-hailing services market
The market for cab-hailing services is set to heat up during the rest of the year, as the current social distancing measures are likely to be eased and platform firms step up their game.
Skyrocketing oil prices
A signboard at a gas station in Seoul, Tuesday, shows the recent surge in gasoline prices. International oil prices peaked in recent weeks to their highest in seven years, prompting a spike in domestic prices. U.S. crude oil topped $80 per barrel Oct. 8, the highest since 2014, and has since inched up further. The price of gasoline in Seoul, the region with the highest oil pr...
Samsung provides training for mixed heritage youth
A group of multiracial students taking part in Samsung Electronics Service's IT training program poses in this photo released by Samsung Electronics, Tuesday. The tech giant's repair services unit is supporting such students through various means, including IT classes, tuition sub...