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Reporter : Anna J. Park
Sun, December 5, 2021 | 11:33
Block deal leads KakaoBank's stock price to drop
KakaoBank's stock price tumbled almost eight percent on Thursday, finishing at 81,900 won ($70.53), due to a massive block deal - or the sale of a large number of securities - worth over one trillion won.
Citibank Korea set to pay huge compensation for retirees
As Citibank Korea is planning to implement a voluntary retirement program, with employees applying for the program being eligible to receive huge compensation, market watchers are paying close attention to whether the bank's selloff plan for its retail division could make any noticeable progress.
Interpark shares plunge as selloff hits snag
Interpark's stock price nosedived on Wednesday, as investors dumped shares in response to major firms dropping their bids for its acquisition. The e-commerce platform company's share price finished at 8,390 won ($7.25), a 12.51 percent fall from the previous day. Market watchers hoped one of the potential buyers - Yanolja, Kakao or Naver - could have been participated in the ...
LG CNS supporting venture initiatives
LG CNS Information Technology Research Center Director Jun Eun-kyung, left, bumps fists with ffolio CEO Choi Joon-hyuk at the headquarters of LG CNS earlier this week. Fintech platform venture company ffolio is LG CNS's third spin-off company, following Danbee in 2018 and Hempking in 2020, which all started under a venture nurturing initiative called, “Idea Monster.” Anyone i...
[ANALYSIS] Regulators urged to lower bar to stimulate IMA market
In the over seven decades of the country's brokerage industry history, Mirae Asset Securities has become the first brokerage company with more than 10 trillion won ($8.5 billion) of owned capital.
Cryptocurrency exchange Upbit to continue strong lead
Upbit's top-rank position among local cryptocurrency exchanges is expected to continue, as it surpasses other coin exchanges in terms of transactions and number of customers by a wide margin.
Brokerages expect Bank of Korea to deliver another rate hike in November
Following the Bank of Korea (BOK) hiking its key rate by 0.25 percentage points to 0.75 percent last Thursday, the market's attention is turning to if and when the central bank will impose yet another rate hike. Most brokerages forecast that the central bank will raise the key rate in November, in a bid to rein in soaring household debt and home prices and improve the financi...
Bank, insurance stocks to rise amid extra rate hike expectations
Upon the announcement by the Bank of Korea (BOK) of its much-anticipated decision to raise its key rate to 0.75 percent from 0.5 percent, investors' positive reaction was seen in banking and insurance stocks, Thursday.
Travel, leisure stocks rebound as vaccination gains momentum
With the country's vaccine rates exceeding 50 percent early this week, stocks related to travel, leisure and retail are moving up again, reflecting the public's expectations about the normalization of economic activities soon.
Toss Bank questioned over profitable growth
Will Toss Bank, the country's third internet-only bank, achieve a huge success just like its older competitors KakaoBank and K bank? While Toss Bank is widely anticipated to find its own niche market, including credit loans, some still raise concerns over its profitability.
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