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Reporter : Anna J. Park
Sat, June 3, 2023 | 06:23
Hana Financial Group donates $300,000 to quake-devastated Turkey, Syria
Hana Financial Group has donated $300,000 as urgent aid for the recovery and support of those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The group announced Wednesday that it delivered the relief money earlier this week through the Community Chest of Korea as well as other global relief agencies.
Key real estate owned by McDonald's Korea excluded from sale
McDonald's Korea is up for sale, but some key pieces of real estate owned by the global fast-food chain in the country have been excluded from the deal.
Dongwon aims to to acquire McDonald's Korea
Dongwon Industries aims to acquire McDonald's Korea, a move seen as the group's attempt to strengthen its franchise food business. The holding company for a variety of Dongwon Group affiliates, including marine, logistics, finance, food and living businesses, is hopeful that it can create synergy through the acquisition.
Financial authority to strengthen direct communication with bank boards
In a move to improve financial groups' corporate governance and ethical management, the financial authority plans to strengthen direct communications with the boards of directors of major financial groups and local banks.
FSC OKs Apple Pay to be available in Korea
Apple Pay is expected to be launched in Korea soon, as the financial authorities have finally given the green light to its mobile payment service to be made available in the country. The Financial Services Commission (FSC), the country's top financial regulator, announced Friday it has finished reviewing related local laws, concluding that local credit card companies can offi...
K bank decides to delay IPO plan
K bank has officially decided to halt its IPO procedure, due mainly to unfavorable market conditions that attributed to a decline in the internet-only bank's corporate value. The bank made the decision earlier this week, five days before the deadline for submitting a prospectus for its IPO procedure.
Able C&C sale attracts dozens of potential buyers
Dozens of investors have shown interest in acquiring Able C&C, which was put up in the M&A market late last year, raising market expectations that IMM would make a successful exit from its years-long investment.
Private equity firms expect high returns from low-cost airlines
Private equity firms (PEFs) opted to invest huge sums of money into low-cost carrier (LCC) businesses amid the worst hardships stemming from the pandemic. Now that international travel numbers are again soaring, the PEFs are eyeing a successful exit from their LCC stakes in the coming years.
Toss Bank offers new group account product
Toss Bank, one of Korea's major internet-only banks, announced Wednesday that it has newly launched a joint deposit account product called the “group account,” through which a group of people can jointly manage a shared account.
Korean corporations' dividend payout system to follow global standards
Investors will be able to decide next year whether to buy the stocks of Korean companies based on the exact size of their dividend payouts, just like in major financial markets' dividend payout systems such as in the U.S. and France.