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Reporter : Kim Kang-min
Sun, February 25, 2024 | 18:35
[VIDEO] 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games kicks off in Korea
The 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games kicked off Friday with an opening ceremony taking place in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province.
[VIDEO] Dog farm rescuer says goodbye before sending dogs to new home in US
In March, Human Society International (HSI) closed down a dog farm in Asan, South Chungcheong Province and rescued about 200 dogs that faced slaughter for consumption
How can Korea become more migrant-friendly?
Japan has the world's oldest population. Australia is one of the most diverse immigrant countries. Korea has the world's lowest fertility rate, with women giving birth to less than one baby on average.
[VIDEO] Bustling Chuseok: Namsan Hanok Village immerses visitors in Korea's rich traditions
During the Chuseok holiday, Namsan Hanok Village, located in Jung-gu, Seoul, was bustling with tourists. Many locals and tourists who visited the place spent time experiencing the traditions and profound culture of Korea.
[VIDEO] Road collapse in Seoul's Gangnam District causes chaos
Repairs are underway after part of a roadway collapsed leaving a 3-meter-deep hole with a diameter of 1 meter in the middle of Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam District, Seoul, Sept. 12.
[VIDEO] Monsoon rains to soak entire nation until Monday
The state weather agency issued a heavy rain watch for Seoul, central, and southern parts of the country on Sunday, with authorities on high alert for potential additional damage from torrential rains. The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) forecasted up to 100 millimeters of rain for the Seoul metropolitan area and issued a heavy rain watch for Incheon since Saturday....
[VIDEO] Day in life of a Korean start-up CEO
This is a day in the life of Park Junghyun, CEO of SLID, a tech start-up in Seoul, South Korea. He founded the company in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic when he was still a university student. SLID is a note-taking software that enhances efficiency and ease of note-taking. Junghyun starts his day early, beginning work at 8:30 a.m. The team operates from a vibrant start-up ...
[VIDEO] Day in life of Korean dessert cafe owners
This is a day in the life of Jieun and Heecheol, the owners of Hica, a popular dessert cafe that has been running for about three years. In February 2023, they moved to Mangwon, a neighborhood in Seoul that has become increasingly popular among young Koreans due to the rising number of cute and Instagrammable cafes and restaurants. They usually work for more than 12 hours a d...
[VIDEO] Day in life of Korean hair designer apprentice
This is a day in the life of Jaehyeon, a hair designer apprentice in South Korea. Jaehyeon is a passionate, soon-to-be hair designer, who dreams of spreading the knowledge of Korean hair beauty to the world. He has been training for about 1.5 years and has a few more exams to clear before becoming a hair designer.
[VIDEO] Day in life of a typical Korean university student
This is a day in the life of Jiwon, a 3rd-year university student in Seoul, South Korea. Jiwon goes to Sogang University which is one of the top-ranked universities in South Korea. As she is a university student, her schedule varies every day. She lives a busy life juggling her classes, assignments, club activities, volunteer work, catching up with friends, and more. We follo...
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