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Reporter : Kwak Yeon-soo
Mon, December 6, 2021 | 10:58
From 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' to 'Matrix 4,' big movies gearing up for cinema releases in December
The year-end holiday season has big films lined up for release, but the resurgence of COVID-19 cases is likely to continue to weigh on cinema operators. The government banned food and beverage consumption in cinemas again starting Dec. 1, a month after it had lifted such restrictions.
Filmmaker Shin Jung-won, B-movie pioneer, dies at 46
Director Shin Jung-won, an innovative filmmaker known for his unflinching, genre-bending films, “To Catch a Virgin Ghost” (2004) and “Night of the Undead” (2020), died of sepsis at Gangnam Severance Hospital on Saturday. He was 46.
[INTERVIEW] Documentary filmmaker zooms in on Zainichi Koreans
It was a simple coincidence that documentary director Kim Cheol-min traveled to Mount Kumgang in 2002. There he encountered not only North Koreans, but Zainichi Koreans - a Japanese term that means “living in Japan,” and refers to ethnic Koreans who began living in Japan during the 1910-45 occupation of Korea and remained there after Japan's defeat in World War II.
Stellar cast in 'A Year-end Medley' promises mix of nostalgia, escapism
The romantic comedy film, “A Year-end Medley,” promises a mix of nostalgia and escapism for viewers during the Christmas season after last year's pandemic blighted festive period.
Sandra Bullock says playing ex-convict in 'Unforgivable' was 'liberating'
Sandra Bullock, an actor who has taken on a wide range of roles and projects, ranging from “The Blind Side,” to “Gravity,” to “Bird Box,” said it was “quite liberating” to portray an ex-convict who is determined to reenter society despite facing the harsh reality of social stigma.
Lee Kwang-soo, Seolhyun to lead murder mystery series, 'Murderer's shopping list'
Lee Kwang-soo and AOA's Seolhyun will star in tvN's new series, “The Murderer's Shopping List,” a humorous murder mystery about hunting for a killer after a body is found near an apartment complex.
Actor Yoo Teo's directorial debut film 'Log in Belgium' is love letter to cinema
When the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread around the world in early 2020, Yoo Teo was in Atwerp, Belgium, filming James Payen's soccer world drama-thriller series, “The Window.”
Choi Woo-shik transforms into cop who plays by the rules in 'The Policeman's Lineage'
Crime drama film “The Policeman's Lineage,” starring Cho Jin-woong and Choi Woo-shik, involves plenty of action scenes and shows the distrust among a group of police officers, according to the cast.
Future of literary translation addressed during Korea Times award ceremony
A winner of the 52nd Korea Times Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards took on the issue of humans vs. artificial intelligence (AI) in translation, Wednesday, sparking an intellectual debate about whether machines can replace humans in literary translation.
Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi give sneak peek of new romance drama 'Our Beloved Summer'
Actors Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi are reuniting in SBS's new romance series “One Beloved Summer,” three years after starring together in “The Witch: Part 1 - The Subversion.”
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