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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 14:42
Gratitude for safe return
It is the season of school excursions. My 13-year-old daughter also went on a school field trip for three days last week. She and her friends went to a training center situated in the middle of a mountain area in Wonju, Gangwon Province, about two and a half hours away from Seoul.
Aftermath of school violence
Netflix series “The Glory” has become a sensation in the domestic and global entertainment scene. Part 2 topped the streamer's weekly viewership chart for non-English TV shows for two consecutive weeks after a March 10 release. Its heavy theme ― school violence ― was well presented through the tightly knitted plot and stellar performances by star actress Song Hye-kyo and the ...
What happened to all those videotapes?
Nothing lasts forever. The faded cases of old videotapes are a testament to that. Those of us old enough will remember fondly the sound of a videotape popping into a VCR and the distorted lines caused by fast-forwarding through the video. For decades the videotape touched us. But its legacy has faded. The remnants of its cultural boom are scattered. What happened to all those...
Gov't issues book on Korean alcohol in English
An English-language book featuring Korea's traditional alcohol, collectively called “sool,” has been published to help foreigners better understand the unique charms of Korean alcohol. The Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said Monday it recently issued “Hidden Charms of Korea: SOOL.” The book is based on feature ...
Song Joong-ki marries British woman, expects baby
Actor Song Joong-ki is a married man again and is also an expecting father.The 37-year-old disclosed on his online fan community, Monday, his marriage as well as his wife's pregnancy. The announcement came about a month after his agency confirmed that he is in a relationship with a British woman.
BLACKPINK sets 6 more Guinness records
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has added six more titles to Guinness World Records, its agency, YG Entertainment, said, Friday. The band was named the first K-pop female group to reach No. 1 on the albums charts in the U.S. and the U.K., respectively, with its second full-length album, “Born Pink,” released last September.
'Slam Dunk' scores big on nostalgia
Every class had one Kang Baek-ho, one Seo Tae-woong, one Jeong Dae-man, and so on. When playing basketball, boys used to say lines like “Commoner's shoot!” “The left hand is just for holding the ball” or “Whoever controls the rebound controls the game.”
'Avatar 2' tops 10 million viewers
“Avatar: The Way of Water” has drawn more than 10 million viewers in Korea as of Tuesday, 42 days after its opening, according to the Korea Film Council and Walt Disney Company Korea. It is the first foreign film to surpass the 10-million mark since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Among Korean films, “The Roundup” sold some 12.69 million tickets in 2022.
Birthday party for 'Captain Rock' set for February in Hongdae
An annual festival marking the birthday of one of Korea's leading indie musicians will be held in February, with a wide range of offline concerts and events planned around the Hongik University area, known as Hongdae, after three years of scaled-down editions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Han Kyung-rock, a member of the legendary 1995-formed punk rock band Crying Nut, will ho...
North Korea suspected of plagiarizing South Korean girl group's song
North Korean musicians are suspected of having plagiarized a 2017 song by South Korean girl group GFRIEND, according to a North Korea expert here. Kang Dong-wan, a political science professor at Dong-A University, posted a video on his YouTube channel, Jan. 9, showing North Korean singer Jeong Hong-ran singing an arranged version of “Envy Us” (direct translation) during a New...
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