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Fri, February 23, 2024 | 12:23
How to get into Harvard
Personally, my experience at Harvard, a master's degree and a Ph.D., has helped me in many ways to open doors to opportunities along the way. But it has been interesting to me that the word “Harvard” is met with such awe, particularly in Korea. Korea has an understanding of both hierarchy and the value of education, and Seoul National University is often assumed to be the bes...
American 'sijo'
I have set up a research foundation, the Frog Outside the Well Research Center, where I work on three areas - and only three areas - where I have some degree of expertise. They are: traditional Confucian practice, the re-evaluation of Korean history, and encouraging the writing of “sijo” in Korean and English.
12 pillars of peaceful Korean history
As I look back at my 10 plus articles arguing that we should look at the peaceful and stable tradition of Korea, it occurs to me that there are two more items I should cover. I'll call these the “twelve pillars” of the peaceful and stable strain within the narrative of Korean history, to which “no religious wars” and “a remarkable ability to recover from wars” should be added.
Singular Korean surnames
When I came to understand that surnames in Korea were unlike those in other countries - a high concentration of the population having one of only a few names - it occurred to me that this was indeed a measure of what I had been looking at in other perspectives.
Korean names as measure of peace (part 1)
This is No. 10 or the last in my series of articles advocating that Korea was a remarkably peaceful and stable place historically. And perhaps this is the most compelling one.
Korean slavery
I can't write everything I would like to write about Korean slavery in one article, but here my purpose is to refer to Korean slavery as the ninth item on my list of top ten arguments showing Korea's history as a peaceful and stable country. When I read studies of slavery from an international perspective, and discovered that Korea has the longest, unbroken chain of slave-hol...