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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 09:27
'British Spider-Man' ends 6-month stay in Korea
Building security can now breathe a little easier, as George King, the guy who was caught freeclimbing Lotte World Tower half a year ago, has left the country.
German scholar lectures on 'Saving Confucius from Confucianism'
There are always reminders about how Confucian Korea is, and how that’s the basis for its deeply conservative heritage, or its rapid economic development. But that’s not necessarily the case, according to one German academic, who calls such views “far too superficial.”
How a regrettable tattoo led to a South African's musical journey
Hailing from South Africa’s Kalahari Desert, Coetzer Rautenbach is probably Korea’s most eccentric creative type. He makes everything from music, photos and videos, to fruit wines, an Afrikaaner moonshine called mampoer, pickles and even condiments, including a killer pineapple relish.
[GOING ELECTRIC] The complex decision to buy an electric scooter in Korea
This is the first article in a multipart series about the trials and tribulations of becoming an electric scooter driver in Korea.
Camarata Music celebrates Christmas
Camarata Music is getting ready for its next “Christmas with Camarata” concert this Saturday.
Liquid Arts Network offers book festival in Busan
The Liquid Arts Network in Busan is hosting its Books & Authors Festival on the afternoon of Dec. 16.
RAS Korea offers visit to railway museum
Trainspotters, rail fans and miscellaneous other history buffs in Korea should take notice of an event being offered this weekend by the Royal Asiatic Society (RAS) Korea at the KORAIL Railroad Museum.
Ghost walk sheds light on Seoul's dark side
By 8 p.m., the last rays of sunset have faded, leaving downtown Seoul quiet, peaceful … eerie. Rush hour has ended, and now that most of the office workers have found their way home, out come the ghosts, spirits and ghouls to play.
Soft power of Korean alcohol explored
Of all the cultural properties to be promoted by the Korean government, traditional Korean alcohol is among the more notable ones.
Jabroni elevates Korea's tribute band scene
By day he's a tech company executive. By night and on weekends, he's the lead guitarist in one of Korea's best cover bands.
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