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Wed, May 25, 2022 | 03:17
Daegu scene has its 'Big Day South'
After skipping a year during the pandemic and coming back in 2021 in a limited capacity, Big Day South is back in full force. The somewhat nomadic arts and music festival is being held this year once again in Daegu, from Friday to Saturday. “People are pretty excited to be back to standing shows, and ready to dance,” Philip Brett, festival operator, told The Korea Times.
The Collective brings 'Bootycandy' to Korea
Expat theater group The Collective is hitting the stage again this weekend and next, presenting its latest production, “Bootycandy” by U.S. playwright Robert O'Hara. “Bootycandy” is a satirical take on growing up gay and Black, presented in a complex narrative of scenes, sermons, sketches and daring meta-theatrics.
KOTE dispute underlies struggle for Insa-dong's soul
A tense real estate conflict in Insa-dong seems to have settled into an impasse, as two stakeholders in a multipurpose compound near the southern end of the main alley remain at odds over the future of three buildings, together known as KOTE.
'Is Homeplus Open?' website turns one-note joke into charity
The creator of, a singular-purpose but sometimes lifesaving website, has revealed his identity, surprising even some of his friends. “I wasn't trying to keep it a secret,” its creator, Jake Kwon, told The Korea Times. “There haven't been many opportunities to bring it up. I figured if anyone was curious, they would email me and ask. So far no one did.”
Honey Jam Sam records pandemic album from across globe
Former bandmates now scattered across the globe came together - virtually - to put together a pandemic-era album and it sounds fantastic.
[Temple Adventures] Pilgrimage to 3 temples for Buddha's Birthday
More often than not for Buddha's Birthday, I'll visit larger temples like Tongdo Temple right here in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province, or Samgwang Temple in neighboring Busan. There's nothing quite like visiting a large, historic temple like Tongdo Temple on the biggest Buddhist holiday of the year. There's just something special about a temple that's nearly 1,500 years ol...
Free Comic Book Day returns to Korea
The four sweetest words in the English language might be “Free Comic Book Day” (FCBD), at least to comic book aficionados. This is especially true in Korea, where finding Western-style, English-language comic books can be a challenge.
Magpie celebrates 10 years of brewing
It's been a good 10 years for beer drinkers in Korea. Before that, Magpie Brewing Co. didn't exist. The craft brewery has grown with Korea's craft brewing scene. It is also the likely origin of the term “pi-maek,” a combination of the first syllables of pizza and the Korean word for beer, according to its owners.
Stand-up comedian Sang Don Park headlines comedy night
A young man walks on stage for the talent show at an international school in Korea. He is expected to show off his beatboxing skills, as he has done in previous talent shows. The school is small - there are only 40 in the boys' class - and there is a sense of repetition to the talent show. Frankly, most of the school has already seen the boy's signature moves. He has other sk...
Animal welfare catastrophe looms amid Incheon redevelopment project
Urban renewal often leads to an increase in animal abandonment, but an ongoing development project in Incheon, west of Seoul, could lead to an animal welfare crisis.
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