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Reporter : Kim Hyun-bin
Mon, February 26, 2024 | 17:00
Seoul City to create extreme weather shelters at 41 convenience stores
The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will create shelters at 41 convenience stores across the capital, so citizens can cool down during summer or escape cold weather during winter.
Mentions of Cuba in N. Korean media abruptly halt after establishment of Seoul-Havana ties
North Korean media outlets are no longer mentioning Cuba whatsoever since the establishment of formal diplomatic ties between South Korea and the Caribbean nation on Feb. 14.
[INTERVIEW] Ukrainian ambassador urges South Korea to change stance on lethal aid
Ukrainian Ambassador to South Korea Dmytro Ponomarenko has urged South Korea to reassess its stance on supplying lethal weapons to the war-torn country as Russia continues to extensively utilize arms sourced from Iran and North Korea.
Ambassadors unite in solidarity with Ukraine on second anniversary of Russia's invasion
During a special screening in Seoul on Friday for the documentary 'Culture vs. War,' hosted by the Embassy of Ukraine to commemorate the second anniversary of Russia's invasion, Ukrainian Ambassador to Korea Dmytro Ponomarenko underscored Moscow's immoral aggression towards Ukraine.
70 years of friendship: Greek images during Korean War era
The National Historical Museum of Greece has held a photography exhibition at the War Memorial of Korea to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War since December last year.
ASEAN-Korea Centre convenes 16th Annual Council Meeting, approves key appointments
The 16th Annual Council Meeting of the ASEAN-Korea Centre (AKC) took place in Seoul, Wednesday. Esteemed government officials from the 10 ASEAN member states and Korea, alongside council directors, participated in a thorough evaluation of last year's accomplishments and approved proposed programs and budgets for the forthcoming year.
N. Korean hackers ramp up efforts to funnel overseas funds into nuclear, missile programs
North Korea has been utilizing cyber tactics to obtain billions of dollars annually in foreign funds, funneling these resources into its weapons of mass destruction (WMD) development programs.
4 in 10 Koreans foresee rising intergenerational conflicts at workplaces
Four out of 10 Koreans anticipate a surge in generational conflicts within workplaces, a recent survey showed on Friday, shedding light on growing tensions among different age groups, particularly between the younger MZ Generation and older people.
Free, unmanned monorail starts operation in Seoul
A free unmanned monorail system commenced operations to connect the Sindang Hyundai Apartment complex to Daehyeonsan Reservoir Park in Seoul's Jung District on Thursday, according to the district office on Friday.
[INTERVIEW] Korea-India ties hold untapped potential: Indian ambassador
Against the backdrop of a deepening strategic partnership between Korea and India, Indian Ambassador to Korea Amit Kumar emphasized the vast untapped potential for growth between the two nations.
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