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Reporter : Ko Dong-hwan
Thu, July 7, 2022 | 14:29
Court upholds ban on rallies in front of ex-president's home in Yangsan
A court has dismissed a request by protesters to repeal a recent police ban on their rallies at a village in the city of Yangsan where former President Moon Jae-in lives. Ulsan District Court said the rallies, if allowed to continue, will likely cause inconveniences to local residents.
Seoul gov't promotes veganism to fight climate crisis
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is launching a campaign to raise awareness of veganism by promoting diverse food choices and incentives for related startups.
Queer Culture Festival to take place in Seoul Plaza, to objection of church group
An association of Christian churches has objected to Seoul City's recent decision to allow the LGBTQ community to use one of the city's most symbolic public open spaces - where the March 1st Independence Movement of 1919, the 1987 pro-democracy protests, 2002 World Cup fans and many other groups have gathered historically - as a venue for the 23rd Seoul Queer Cultural Festiva...
[INTERVIEW] Iraq War veteran set to row solo across Pacific
In 2012, Gwenael Breton lost control in the middle of a night helicopter jump training operation in the Sahel, a semi-arid region stretching across western and north-central Africa. In pitch black and with no visibility, Breton and a fellow soldier freefell, eventually landing face-first on a rock. The impact shattered the maxilla bone on both sides of Breton's nose and destr...
Mayor vows to create better Seoul for the poor
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon rolled out his agenda for the capital city for the next four years under his leadership as he started his fourth term on Friday. His inauguration speech was filled with pledges to support the city's vulnerable groups with welfare policies and to also stabilize the city's real estate market among other bold plans.
Chinese envoy harshly criticizes NATO, US
The Chinese ambassador to South Korea on Thursday delivered harsh rhetoric against NATO and the United States during a forum in Seoul, condemning the hostile views that Western powers have toward China.
Environment ministry pushes 11 cities to build more incineration plants
The Ministry of Environment on Friday notified 11 city mayors in the Greater Seoul region that they must build additional incineration plants to treat their own daily local household waste as the major landfill used by the region will shut down in 2026.
Bodies found in missing family's car in Wando
A barge raises a submerged car from ocean waters near Wando, an island in South Jeolla Province, Wednesday. The Gwangju Police and Wando Coast Guard found three bodies inside the car, presumed to be those of a family from Gwangju that had been reported missing. Joint Press Corps.By Ko Dong-hwanThe police and coast guard have found three bodies inside a car pulled out of ocean...
[INTERVIEW] Personnel Minister vows digital innovation of gov't affairs
Korea's 'e-Saram' praised as innovative management system for public workersBy Ko Dong-hwanMinister of Personnel Management Kim Seung-hoIn his first international event since the Yoon Suk-yeol administration kicked off on May 10, Korean Minister of Personnel Management Kim Seung-ho proudly touted how the country has been managing public workers via a digital platform to rely ...
679 million tons: Greenhouse gas emissions in Korea increased 3.5 percent in 2021
Total greenhouse gas emissions in Korea increased 3.5 percent year-on-year in 2021 to 679.6 million tons, according to the Ministry of Environment on Tuesday.
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