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Wed, November 30, 2022 | 02:04
wanna make foreign friend
Date : 2017-05-13 / Hit : 14618
Let me introduce myself.
I'm 45 years old in Korean' age(43 international age) and 3daughters and 1 wife ^^, live in Anseong city.
I'm a salesman in my office which company makes a part of electric device.
Actually say, the main reason of this advertizemnt is that, I want level up for English skill and I want to get along with foreign's family.
I was dreaming that situation since I was a childhood though, I haven't got a chance and did not even try it by myself.
I think my personality is outgoing and cool guy. And if you get in touch with me. I make sure you might get a good friend in Korea.
Thanks for you reading this Ad. and looking forward your message. 010-8820-5105, nickname is Joota