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Sat, August 20, 2022 | 02:00
regarding " The Raid 2 "
Date : 2014-07-08 / Hit : 6591
I have just watched this masterpiece last night, Titled " The Raid 2 " an Indonesian action flick sequel directed by a Welsh Director 'Gareth Evans'.
And if you are an action film fan, this is a must see. It has the story, the mood, the action, the drama and much more that Hollywood movies lack so much these days. I mean besides being brutal and somewhat grotesque in the manner of presenting the end results of the actions, it is not anymore gruesome than typical Tinseltown horror pieces. And every movements so awesomely and realistically choreographed by Silat <(Sport) Art martial originaire d' Indonesie> master who also plays the homeless fashioned hitman in the movie.
What I have felt from viewing this work is that I don't think I could ever stay being patron of the Hollywood action movies(excluding SF flicks and other dramatic movies since U.S. movies still have the upper edge in that segment of the genre) again with its fake looking brawl scenes with actors more keen about their physical safety and amount of their paycheck. The time has come for world audience, movie goers to have broader perspective in the choices that could make when trying to have quality time spent with well made action movie.
I personally hope that the director and the main casts revisit Korea for their promotion of this sequel. They did so couple of years ago when part one came out. ...... Christopher J. Kim "a reluctant freelance movie critic from Mapogu Seoul, Korea"