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Sat, October 8, 2022 | 07:57
Date : 2011-06-30 / Hit : 3378
Festival that brings worldwide reach

This is the time of the year again. Boryeong City is pleased to announce that the 14th Mud festival will be hosted from 7.16 ~ 7.24 2011 at Boryeong, Decheon Beach. Strong Korean culture and the dynamic value of Korean nation are penetrated in this festival, around 2 to 3 millions of both domestic and international visitors are participating the festival each year. Today, Boryeong Mud Festival is appointed as Korea’s most significant promotional events to expand spirit of Korea worldwide. This is the festival that everyone would love to experience.
The unique value of the Boryeong Mud festival considers idea of whole world becoming one.
While having mud as gift from nature painted over our body, every visitor enjoys feeling without any pressure or concerns on their social statues that they enjoy the festival regardless of their age, nationality, ethnics so on. On top of everything, excellent benefit of mud treatment of great skincare routine allows Boryeong Mud festival being so special.
Daechon is also popular for its shell powdered sandy beach that you can only find from the Eastern side of the country. There are many fun activities organized at the festival such as mud wrestling, mud king contest, and Mud massage happening in Daecheon’s gorgeous beach. Boryeong Mud Festival has been fulfilled everyone to share their positive and cheerful energy, it is much-loved festival that we all very look forward to enjoy.
Festival Period: July 16~July 24. 2011
Place: Boryeong City, Daecheon Beach & Inner City
Host: Boryeong-Si (Boryeong City)
Phone: 82-41-930-3822
Website (English available) :