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rent★beautiful 15th floor high view★loft House
Date : 2019-12-03 / Hit : 15259
15th floor, beautiful high view, mordern loft house are available now.
you can move in today.

(and 2room is available 20th.April)
you can see more detail info and other house info in homepage.


April is best season to stay loft house.
The cherry blossoms near the house are very beautiful.
There is also a cherry blossom festival.

There are river near house.
Many people walk with puppy.
Also, there are cute birds in river near house.
At evening, there are beautiful fountain laser show.


Loft house
Only 1month key deposit (in korea, house deposit minium 10milwon. but my house is 1milwon.)
Short rent is ok(in korea, rent period minium 1year. but my house is 1month.)
All equippment(in korea, house is empty. you have to buy life things. but my house has all.)
Loft house (seperate bed room, living room)
No realter fee(with reator you have to pay. but you don't need to pay it in my house.)
Romantic view 15th floor high
Only 3min walk from subway
high speed wifi in house


if you can want to see house or any question, fill this form

you can see more photo and infomation about this house.


loft house is near 100m from subway & airport limusin bus station. you can see house building from subway station and limusin bus station.

for this loft beatiful view house, you can stay short term. (usally houses in korea, more than 1year lease )

for this loft beatiful view house, you can pay small deposit. (also usally houses in korea are high deposit)

you can stay short term (usally, almost house in korea is more then 1years. but, this house you can stay short term)

all funished and equipment(you don't need to pay realter fee in this house.)

romantic view high rise house.
very high 15th floor, wonderful view (day, night)
You can use the whole house, no sharing with others.

loft style, house has 2part, big windows
it has 1 more bed room on loft.
upper floor as bedroom.
building is practically brand new.

-All equipment, all commodities
-upper room : 2 folding single mattress (+ 1 seperate single mattress)
-living room : 1 folding sofabed, 2 table
-2 table in living room
-built-in drum-washer (include drying machine)
-built-in kitchen which include household electric ranges
-built-in airconditioner
-built-in closet
-built-in bookshelf
-table, chairs
-buillted-in big refrigerater
-microwave oven
-water purifier
-a iron and ironing board
-a hair drier
-vaccum cleaner
-roll screen curtain in window
-shower booth with hot water

IT service
-High speed / wireless internet lan with multy port hub (WI-FI), you can use your iphone, ipad, notebook with wifi
-CA-TV (24inch LED TV) (TV in photo is 19inch lcd TV. but it changed new and big 24inch LED TV)
-Color printer(scaner, copy writer)

-digital doorlock with your own password
-video interphone(you can see out door with interphone lcd moniter)
-CCTV in all building
-24 hour security guard stays at lobby
-only 300meter from big police station.

2min walk to subway station eungam subway station line6.
the station is 5 subway stop ( 20min ) from sinchon train station that is near ewha univ, younsei univ. sogang univ

it is 2min from Big shopping mall Emart. (it is like Wallmart in USA.)
you can buy all food, cloth, elec, etc in Emart.

Small river with sport
It take 2min walk 50m from beautiful river.
the whole river-side is covered with cherry blossoms in spring.

small river connected hanriver and worldcub stadium.
there are long running course.
a lot of people enjoy sport(runnig, cycle, dance) in small river.

you can rent bicycle from goverment shop at river. (rent fee 1hour=1,000won)
it take 20min to hanriver with cycle.

there are beautiful laser fountain show at 8pm.

you can see more photo and infomation about this house.


you don't need to pay realter fee.
it is free form realter fee.

house price

if you can want to see house or any question, fill this form

I write Free ebook about "how to rent house in korea."
you can download in homepage.
if you have any question, contact me.
then i will tell you and upgrade the ebook.