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Wed, December 7, 2022 | 22:15
Because of complicated document process, Have you thought that it is difficult?
Date : 2019-07-29 / Hit : 16070
Is it difficult to prepare appropriate document for employment?
Because of complicated process, Are you frustrated?
Don't be frustrated!! If you think that document process is so difficult, you should visit to KICC(Korea Integration Civil complaint Center).

Family relationship certificate, Transcript, International Driver's License etc various kind of document
Translation, Notarization, Embassy certification, the foreign ministry certification
and Appostile authorization

If you come to KICC, you can easily finish various kind of document process!!


If you have a difficulty about document, Please contact us.
You can ask question anything about document.
Thank you!!

▷KICC Homepage :

▷Customer center : 02.747.2180