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Mon, August 8, 2022 | 00:38
Share house seated in Seon jeong reung Station Exit 1.
Date : 2017-03-11 / Hit : 6730
Hi there,

My name is Steven and I am staying in Nonhyundong with my wife. I have two kids but they are all outside of the house, thus I have two rooms available now. Are there anyone who wishes to stay in my house with cheap price. My house is located in the heart of Seoul and it is very convenient to get to anywhere in Seoul. I prefer woman to man because I usually don't stay home during workweek. I am working with global automaker as Team Manager. If any of one wishes to stay with us, feel free to contact me. My number is 010-9148-7868 but I prefer email. Thanks

cf: Long time ago, Americans and Canadians ladies were stayed in my house for a few years. We are familiar with foreigners and my wife speak English little.

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