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Sat, August 20, 2022 | 02:59
Don't Be Stay Lonely For Chuseok Holidays
Date : 2014-08-27 / Hit : 4854
Don't Be Stay Lonely For Chuseok Holidays

During September, Hi Korea Hostel launch money-off promotions! Stay with Hi Korea Hostel for rock bottom price 12,000 WON a night in Haeundae Beach. There will be small gatherings during Chuseok Holidays.

Also, grab the chance to enjoy a free night in Haeundae.

For a limited time(31st Aug - 5th Sep), Hi Korea Hostel is offering only one complimentary night in Haeundae to one person a day. The ticket is only given to YOU who booked first on a first-come-first -served basis. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page. Don't forget to check your name on this page!

Especially, Hi Korea Hostel is super special deals on the booking sites from 31st Aug to 5th Sep. Don't be surprised when you check our prices.

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