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Wed, November 30, 2022 | 09:27
Say N, if the American demand not reasonable.
Date : 2017-05-03 / Hit : 13579
Say No, if the American demand not reasonable.

Most Korean appreciate the American helps during the Korean war, many economic helps after the war.
Korea became a semi-developed nation exporting many products to America for many decades.
American troops stay in Korea to defend South Korea from North.

And also Korea helped America sending Korean troops to Vietnam war.
Korea imports a lot of American weapons every year and pays for US troops in Korea.
America is the number one ally to Korea.

Korea made a hard decision to dispose the Thaad in Korea despite
China strongly opposed the disposition of the Thaad.
Korea is suffering from the Chinese strong economic retaliation.

We understand that Korea furnish the site for the Thaad while America undertake the operation. I think that is reasonable.

However the President Trump declared that Korea should pay 1 billion dollars to America for operation expense of the Thaad.
An American officer said that the rearrangement of the Thaad agrement would be made.

If the agreement of the Thaad are made a long time ago,
and the circumstances of the Thaad operation are changed a lot,
then the rearrangement of the agreement would be reasonable.

However this is not the case.

Say No, if American demands are not reasonable.

S. J. Kim