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Sat, October 8, 2022 | 07:42
Trip to Jeongseon for hike n Arirang Performance
Date : 2009-10-12 / Hit : 3541

SeoulHikingGroup will hike the most beautiful mountain, "Mindung San," for the reeds and drop by some scenic places near the mountain at 16th,Oct. We’ll then move to Jeongseon for the traditional Arirang performance in 5-day markget and have local food at traditional restaurant in folk village.Hike in mountain would be easy even for new hikers.

Things to Do and Places to Go:

1. Mindung San
Enjoy the exotic scenes of reeds. It looks like the whole top of the mountain is covered with dancing reeds when the wind blows.
Check out the pictures, but even the picture can't tell the truth of the beautiful and amazing scenery

2.Hwa Am Mineral Spring
Hwa Am mineral spring water gushes out of the rocks collecting iron, calcium, fluorine and other elements. It is said to be medically effective for stomachaches, eye infections, skin problems and so forth. The water has a refreshing taste, similar to that of lemon-lime soda. The spring was discovered in 1910 by Mr. Moon Myoung Mu. Legend has it that if a person with a "possessed" mind tries to drink the water, they'll see a Boa Constrictor.

3. Jeongseon Arirang performance for 1 hour
"Arirang" is arguably the most popular and best-known Korean folk song, both inside and outside Korea.
click ->

Listen to the song inserted in this movie with English subtitles."Spring Summer Fall Winter and Spring"...Everybody listen at least once.
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4. 5-Day Market
The Market has the nostalgia and pure environment of an old Korean Market. You'll be able to get a sense of the original Korean lifestyle

5. Ararichon(traditional folk village in Jeongseon)
Restaurant for lunch - taste the fresh and yummy local food, also perfect for vegetarians.
Gondre Namulbab (traditional bibimbab), Kotdeungchigi noodles (local noodle that look like small pasta), pajeon, with typical drinks of corn Makgeolri or whatever...

11:30 pm - 16th,Oct,Meet at Yongsan stn./line1 - Come to the square outside of the station, in front of I Park Mall entrance, next to Dragon Spa (Before getting on the bus, drop by a toilet please!)
12:00-04:30am Sleep on the bus, drop by rest stop for toilet, arrive at Min-dung San
04:30 am-6:30 am (Mindung San) Walk under the moonlight and sparkling stars. We’ll walk 90 mins. and see the heart-breaking sunrise. Leave all the heavy things in the bus.
6:30-8am (Mindung San) Walk along the field of reeds and take a break for pictures with waves of reeds.
8:00-10am (Mindung San) Hike along the ridges to see the beautiful changing colors of leaves. Easy walk.
10:00-11am (Hwa Am Mineral Spring) Taste the mineral water and walk around the valley.
11:00-12:00pm (Jeongseon) Move to the traditional folk village in Jeongseon.
12:00-13:00pm have traditional food in traditional folk village.
13:00-17:00 pm (free hike) Look around the 5-Day Market and see the Arirang performance at 4 pm.
17:30-21:30 pm back to Seoul, Hongdae area.

Be prepared with:
- Snacks, jacket (prepare for the weather), any kind of torch (We will walk around 90 mins. in darkness. An iPod is not good enough as a torch..haha.), a camera, additional clothes, cash, etc.
- An open-mind to make friends and happiness!

How to join the trip:
*RSVP yes to
* Wire 50,000 won to bank account:
- KBstar (Kookmin Bank, KB금융 all refer to the same bank) 994401-01-038315,김승일 (Warren's Korean name)
*After you wire the money, send your name & ID number to Warren for insurance purposes.(once send,it's ok)
*If spots are full, I will post a notice on the wall. I will take 2~3 more people on a waiting list.
*Please understand: First Wired, First Confirmed Spot! Only a deposit can hold a spot! It’s 55,000 won if you pay me on the day of the trip (only if there is spot available).
*if you don't know how to wire money, then,drop by bank to find any officer over there, they are all ready to help you.

* 50,000 won includes:
- round-trip transportation
- 2 meals – a simple breakfast (e.g., bagel, gimbab, water - food may change some on the day), and a traditional restaurant for lunch.
- traveler's insurance, bus accident insurance.
- entrance fee for the Hwa Am Mineral Spring.
- I don't make money with this trip, that's reason why it's so cheap.If left over, I will spend it for the group.

* By making what would usually be a 2-night, 2-day trip into 1 night, 1 day trip,
- we actually enjoy and experience all the things from a 2-day trip for a much lower cost.
- human beings can adjust to getting less sleep than usual and are not as exhausted as they expect on the day
- we can hike to see the sparkling stars and heartbreaking sunrise in dawn.
- most of all, it will make our Sunday available!!!

-If you have questions, send a message to me or write it on the wall, please.

Warren (010 6505 9904, plz save it in case you need it)

Seoul Hiking Group